The real Army School of Ammunition

Discussion in 'RLC' started by AT55, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. Thought it worth mentioning that last Wednesday I was traveling near Bramley in Hampshire and being an old AT, I paid a pilgrimage to the real ASofA. It was sad event but brought back many happy memories of great times and great people. The even sadder news is that they were demolishing the building so probably by now it is just a pile of building rubble. :( :(
  2. Many of the buildings still remain. It is often used for various training (remember 421 Shadow Coy) and was subject to a big clear-up many years back (Op Centurian or something like that i think).

    I don't think it will ever be handed over, which lunatic would declare that land FFE.

    If you were to go into the current school (The one that used to produced the best technicians in the early 1990s ;-) ) you can see photos of previous classes dating back many years including the Bramley era.
  3. I actually walked up to what was the main building of the real ASofA and it was being demolished as was the old proof yard and associated buildings. I assume that B15 and B30 are still being used for some other purpose. I know that what was once CAD Bramley is still being kept by the MOD and/or other Government Departments. As for FFEing the land before sale, I doubt if anyone in their right mind would ever certify that any of the major ammo depots are "clean" and safe to hand over.
  4. Anybody out there remember Op Apple and Op Alamanda?

    I was on Alamanda.
  5. To Music

    Dah Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - Defence Estates. All they will see are Pounds signs. To be fair not as many as the feckers who buy it off them will see.

    At Shoeburyness, the CFFE land by the beach was producing these 13 inch mortars at a fair rate of knots. Haven't got a photo of a whole one to hand.
  6. A 13inch mortar? :omfg:

    That must take some big arms to fire.
  7. I have a picture somewher of said beast - when I find it I will post. It came complete with its own triangular lifting apparatus - and each one was a feck off great big ball shaped burgger packed with GP and a Boxer fuze type jobber for making it go bang!

    You can't whack technical explanations can you? :D
  8. Well i understood it. It is funny how ammunition can be known from the simplest description i was always 99% certain that "it's pointy 6in long 2in wide (i tink they mean diameter)" was a 6lb solid shot.

    Oh ok its just me then, being sad :oops:
  9. Have you seen me in the shower? :twisted:

    'Cause that ain't me :oops:
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I think Fort Nelson has one of the mortars with a stack of the ammo outside. Couldn't find any pictures online but I think I have one at home somewhere. Will look.
  11. Would that be when they introduced back squadding but only after you failed 8 exams. :D
  12. Wouldn't that be a Wedge task? :)

  13. Not on my fecking course it wasn't
  14. Thats the jobber :D

    It was a Wedgie task but they only didi part of the entire area. They bit the FFE'd was FFE. But the rest was flogged off. The building contractors got a civvy clearance firm to have a man on site in the event anything was found.