The RE & colour blindness

Hello folks.

Apologies for once again broaching a subject that has been covered considerably on ARRSE, though would like to narrow it down with regards to wanting to enlist as a Royal Engineer. Have used the search function extensively and most recent relevant thread was though posts seemed conflicting and the conclusion from the original poster somewhat discouraging.

I can distinguish green and red as individual colours, though from previous experience would most likely fail an Ishihara test. I'm not "dead cert" on a particular trade yet, though very keen on the RE Corps and being a soldier with a trade.

I would be grateful for any insight into my (hopefully wee) dilemma from those in the know before taking the plunge and discussing options with an army careers officer. Even if I pick a trade that my condition has no bearing on, would I still be ruled out due to not being able to effectively do certain combat sapper jobs (demolitions etc).

I am also moderately short sighted though looking to have my eyes zapped in a couple of months after my 21st and am aware I would be medically deferred for 12 months while my eyes fully heal, so using this time to improve fitness conducive to army life, lose weight (BMI would kill me as I'm a rugby prop and built like a powerlifter) and research army options / clue up on GCSE level math.

Cheers :)

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