The Ratter

The new Vicar was walking through the village introducing himself. He noticed a little girl playing with her dog on the front lawn and said. "Hi there, I'm your new vicar, what's your name then?" The little girl was really pretty and had a freckled face and wore pigtails. "Hello Vicar, my name ith Crithtine, but Mummy and Daddy call me Petal," she lisped. "What a lovely name and Petal is lovely too. Why do they call you Petal?" asked the Vicar, thinking, what a charming child, so different to some kids I can think of. Christine replied. "When I was in Mummys' tummy a rose petal drifted on to it one day, when she and Daddy were lying on the thunbed..tho, that's why they call me Petal." The Vicar was delighted with her and said. "That's a beautiful story, really lovely. What a nice little doggy, what's his name then ?" She replied. "Hith name ith Ralph, but I call him Ratter." The Vicar said. " Ralph eh! that's a good name and Ratter Sounds good for a little terrier like him. I suppose you call him Ratter because he goes after rats? most terriers." The little girl replied. "No, I call him Ratter because he fuckth my guinea pig."
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