The Rapture

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dhobidust, May 21, 2011.

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  1. So what will you be doing at 18:00, hoping for a delay to watch Dr. Who?
  2. I'll be taking my tinfoil hat off at 1800 hrs
  3. Well its 2035 here and nowt happened. I am bitterly disappointed. I suppose I will have to wait for 2012 now.
  4. ahh the olympics, yes should be a disaster
  5. BBC news said this morning that it would be at 23:00 GMT, the 18:00 slot was US Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  6. What time zone were the apocalypse mongs working from?

    If they were going off zulu time, you may still be fucked cabana...I'll be fine, I've got my tinfoil hat on.
  7. They've changed the launch again? I hate it when that happens
  8. They were working off EST, Yank Time.
  9. Well.... I'll be down the local Pub with Matron and Nurse Brenda from the Old Folks Home..... dreaming of some Chicken Tonite much later.....
  10. Oh, looks like I will have time to watch a movie, go to bed and wake up to a new raptured world then...if I cover myself in foil of course.
  11. which time zone?
  12. If short of tinfoil, crusty knickers make a perfect substitute. The stiffer the better.
  13. like a roast chicken? sounds a bit kinky
  14. Never mind, it's not the end of the world...
  15. Well if it gets rid of all the god botherers it might even be a better place