The Rapid Capabilities Office

This new RAF procurement entity seems to be doing a lot of interesting things, and notably, getting them done.

Launching an imagery intelligence satellite: Royal Air Force surveillance satellite launched into space

(RCO role confirmed here: UK MoD Makes Permanent Rapid Capabilities Office)

Possibly also a synthetic-aperture radar sat (definitely one, but not sure about RCO role): 'Cheesegrater' radar launches to space

Independent small sat launch capability (if it works!): Virgin Orbit Announces Responsive Launch Campaign with Royal Air Force – Parabolic Arc

Working up the Tempest aircraft concept: Engaging with Team Tempest - ADS Group

Project Mosquito loyal wingman 'bot: RIAT: UK takes wraps off unmanned LANCA concept

Also: new defensive-aids suite for aircraft, various small drones.

Question: why is this working so (apparently) well?
For once some decent things are happening with the RAF, once you offloaded MJDI to the Army everything the RAF wants they seem to be getting & good stuff, see what happens when you shaft the Army who get the crap procurement at least till is there turn to get the good kit.
From this:


to this;

The 100kg spacecraft, roughly the size of an average household washing machine, carries an off-the-shelf telescope and HD video camera, both of which have been adapted for a space environment and integrated into a custom-built framework. The imaging system is designed to deliver high-resolution images and colour HD video clips with a swath width of 5km.”

in 100 years!
Does the RAF regret closing the last of their satellite landing grounds in 1946?