The Rant Thread

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Woody32, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. this may have been done many'a time before, but after seeing lots of different threads ranting about wapons, and another for kit, and women etc. I decided to make a 'rant thread' basically just moan about everything that Fcuks you off and then see if people agree, wether it be from a ligth switch that doesnt work in your room, to too much teeth from the QARANC! just moan!!

    but remember, 'in through the nose....out through the mouth¬'
  2. Rant On/
    ** who moan about fox hunting. Your sports banned, take up stamp collecting/basket weaving/five-a-side pig shagging FFS, So what who cares? People who rant on about how wonderful coppers are, The're not, they are a bunch on knobs and will nick you just as quick as they'll nick the fat knacker next to you for droping a crisp packet. "Save our" (insert regt name here) get over it its gone, the only time it'll come back is when we fight WW3 agaist the islamic hordes comming out of birmingham/oldham.

    Rant off/
  3. Proles like Cpl Ripper.

    There is nothing worse than ill-educated, badly informed and ignorant tools like him.
  4. wow your clever Mister.....
  5. Rant on....

    Hoop lickers who make assumptions regarding social class and level of education of another person based upon said persons comments on a forum thread. Hoops who then having made thier assumptions, deem themselves sufficiently superior in intelligence and education to try and use a work of fiction as a prop to support thier higher moral ground in the hope that thier 'victim' will not be sufficiently educated to understand that they have been effectively called a working class cnut.

    Begbie Trainspotting 1996

    rant over
  6. -Rant on

    Feckin Dutch gun laws for insisting that rifles (privately owned) with folding stocks must be fixed....because then it is supposedly harder to conceal :evil: !!! If I follow this ruling, every 'kin handgun should also have a foot long stock welded on the back for the same reason!!!! Oh, and shoulder stocks for pistols are banned (mausers,lugers etc)......go figure out the logic, oh sorry, there is none, it is gun legislation after all :roll:

    -Rant off
  7. Belthrob, I take it anyone who disagrees with you is then ill-educated, badly informed and ignorant. We must all bow to your obvious supperiority!
  8. I bet Belthrob has never been anywhere near a fcuking naffi in his life, Apart from the odd Ord Officer visit...
  9. There is no disagreement. I just consider that Ripper's comments are based on nothing more than ignorance as a result of his lack of education. Please check your spelling.

    And bow you must.
  10. how the f**k can you tell he has a lack of education from just a few sentences. He obviously isnt stupid as he managed to pick up your bit of george orwell. I vote we change your name to bellend, as we got rid of the class system years ago and only t**ts like you have the arrogance to call someone working class. Without the working classes we wouldnt be where we are today.

    Rant over
  11. Who mentioned the class system? I certainly haven't. I find it laughable that in one breath you state that the class system was disposed of years ago. In the next breath you state that without the working classes we wouldn't be where we are today. It is only the jealous or those who are insecure about their social standing categorise themselves and mention 'class'.

    Anyway Taff, I have a few odd jobs that need doing around my house and the garden needs tending. Are you available to assist?

  12. You brought the class system into the conversation when you called Ripper a Prole, or did your education not extend to actually reading Orwell's 1984. Was it a compulsory purchase 'Book of the month' down at your local Tofu-eating knitting group ?

  13. I,ve already done your misses and you couldnt pay me to do her again i had crabs for a month little buggers itched like hell
  14. I'm assuming the fact that he's called "Bellthrob" is a direct consequence of aforementioned wife, and her genital afflictions. :oops:
  15. -Rant on

    Being woken up at 9:15am on my day off by my work - them starting with a subtley concerned enquiry as to how goes it with my bad leg and then launching into a "well would you come in then cause we're rather short handed os we couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery and fucked up todays roster"!!!! And then being kept on til after 16:30 (home time) cos nobody would take over what I was doing!! GRRRRRRRRRR!! :evil:

    -Rant off