The ranges at Sandhurst

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Apologies for the extremely 'spotterish' question, and no, this isn't a waah.

I'm doing a GIS (computer imaging stuff) project at uni. I've decided to focus it on the grounds of Sandhurst, in particular the ranges there, and the associated danger area. From using google earth it appears that there are two rifle ranges. The westerly range (furthest from main campus) appears to have firing points at 300, 200 and 100 meters, whilst the easterly range (nearer campus) has firing points at 300, 200 and 100 yards. Are these ETR ranges, gallery ranges, or a mixture of the two?

As an additional question, what distance beyond the targets is required as a danger zone? Does this vary depending on the ground.

Many thanks for any information on this.


A slight (richochet?) trace of a suspicious question me feels?
Why do you actually want to know this? If it's data like that you're after I suggest you write to RMAS and ask.
Not at all - and I'm afraid writing to Sandhurst is out of the question, since this has to be handed in tomorrow! Understand if you feel you cannot or should not reply to this - I can always make it up!
Musical Marvin,

They are Converted Gallery Ranges (CGRs) with Electonic Marking Systems (EMS). The ranges both have firing points at 400 m as well, although clearly not as well defined as you would hope. They are named A Range (the one in the west) and B Range (the east). The B Range 400 m point is just iunfront of the small hut; the A Range 400 m point is just in front of the road.

Dull or what?
The Sandhurst 'campus'. Good grief!!

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