The Rangers

yes, there are a number of us on ARRSE.but as of midnight tonight there will not you may know we become 2nd Bn Royal Irish Regiment tomorrow.all my platoon were issued their new cap badges and stable belts last night.BHQ are having a flag lowering ceramony at 2000 hrs tonight.unfortunatley i cannot attend as 'er indoors has decided that her hair is far more important than the passing of our regimental name to the annals of history! which can't be said about the HS Royal Irish as they were only disbanded 4 weeks ago, and we've just been renamed "Royal Irish Regiment"!
Ulster-Brigade, as someone many moons ago who wore the Rangers cap badge as a cadet before joining the regs, I'm interested to know what cap badge will the ACF wear? Is the end of the Royal Irish Rangers cap badge?
no,not quite yet ,the cadets will continue to wear the Rangers capbadge for another few months,then will change too.but remember the cadets here are called 1st and 2nd batts Nothern Ireland Army Cadet Force.
Trahere said:
Cheers mate. Strange though that the last to wear the cap badge will be cadets.
It seems to be the fate of many historic badges, unfortunately (says saddo who still has his not-the-3rd-battalion-RRS cadet capbadge in his keeping tin.)

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