The Rangers, the Regimental Band and Affiliated Cadets Chang

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TangoZeroAlpha, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. It is now confirmed that Royal assent has been given to re-name our TA battalion and affiliated ACF/CCF detachments. On the 1st of September 2007 the Royal Irish Rangers (RANGERS) will become the 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment (2 R IRISH). In addition, on the 1st November 2007, with the disbandment of the Regimental Band, the North Irish Territorial Army Band will rebadged to become The Band of the Royal Irish Regiment (TA). Finally our affiliated ACF and CCF units will rebadge Royal Irish Regiment in due course.

    On the amalgamation of the Royal Irish Rangers and the Ulster Defence Regiment in 1992 it was decided that the TA battalions and affiliated CCF and ACF units of the new Royal Irish Regiment would retain the 'Rangers' title in order to maintain a distinction from those operational battalions engaged in counter-terrorist operations in Northern Ireland. The end of the terrorist campaign in Northern Ireland means that this distinction is no longer necessary.

    Like the rest of the Infantry, we must change if we are to remain competitive in terms of recruiting. Six months ago we were the largest infantry regiment in the Army - at midnight on 31 July 2007 we became the smallest. The presentation of a strong, single regimental image is therefore considered vital to recruiting the Regiment and to developing and sustaining the operational efficiency that will be needed as we move forward together in to our new future.

    On the 1st of September we will become a unique entity with a single regular battalion directly supported by a single TA battalion. This move will cause us all great sadness but we have much to be proud of. The TA battalions carried forward the Rangers title with distinction for 15 years beyond the amalgamation and in that time our Territorial Rangers have served on operations in Kosovo, the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan. Some things will stay the same - our Rangers will continue to be called Rangers and the Caubeen will continue to be worn by both battalions.
  2. shame the Rangers title will be lost.

    surely they could rename the 1st Bn the Rangers?
  3. I always like the title Rangers, very historical, vis a vis the Connaught Rangers etc.

    Shame to see it go.

  4. Arn't private soldiers in R IRISH still 'Rangers'?
  5. yes private soldiers in 1 royal irish and the "rangers" are and will continue to be called "rangers".
  6. look back to the 18th Regiment of Foot and tell me what their name was on disbandment in 1922.our shortened title have been "The Rangers"for the last 15 years.i'm 17 years in the battalion but have lived with the Royal Irish Rangers throughout my entire life including UDR,North Irish Militia and as off 1st September 2nd bn Royal Irish Regiment.i am proud of our history,but to rename our 1st bn back to Rangers as some had been suggesting since the announcement the the HS battalions would disband would have been a dishonour to the Ulster Defence Regiment.
  7. Sad day to lose the RANGER title, however we are and will remain Rangers at heart, I'm very proud to become a member of 2 R.Irish and am also exceptionally proud to carry on the traditions of the Ulster Defence Regiment. Irish Soldiers from both sides of the dotted line have been in the service of the monarchy for more years than you can shake a blackthorn at, and long may it continue.

    God save the Queen, Faugh-A-Ballagh!
  8. Am proud to be a Royal Irish Ranger, will be proud to serve with 2 Royal Irish

    Faugh a Ballagh
  9. Ulster Brigade, the 18th of Foot was a predessessor of the present Royal Irish so re-using the name isn't a problem as their is a hiostorical link. The Rangers were a London Volunteer Rifle regiment and had no connections to the Irish, therefore the single name "Rangers" cannot be used
  10. on
    LondonCalling,if you truely know your military history you would surely know that the original Royal Irish Regiment were from the south of Ireland and that the 3 regiments that amalgamated to form the Royal Irish Rangers were from the north i.e 27th,83rd and 87th of foot were from the north.The U.D.R. were formed in 1971.The name" Royal Irish Regiment" has no historical link to the original regiment at all,it is merely a merger of 2 regimental names.Hope this clarifies this point for you ,if not i,m sure my fellow "Rangers"will back me up.
  11. The new regiment is NOT the reformation of the original Royal Irish Regiment (18th of foot), but rather an amalgamation of the Royal Irish Rangers (27th Inniskilling) 83rd and the 87th of foot and the UDR and is simply a name being re-used.
    Direct lineage to the Royal Irish Regiment was curtailed due to the Act of Partition when the Original Regiment was disbanded in 1922.
    London as for the single name Rangers cant be used, I think you may find if the powers that be decide to use the single name then they will, never mind what anybody else thinks :)
  12. Look up 88th Foot old son
  13. Rangers!? Aren't they a Subbuteo football team?
  14. The Connaught Rangers? Don't see your point there. "Rangers" is a suffix, just like Light Infantry or Fusiliers.