The RAMC at Arnhem (Op market)

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by bigjarofwasps, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I`m trying to do some research into the RAMC`s role in this battle. To that end, has anyone got any evidence to suggest that any elements of the 181 Air Landing Ambulance got as far as Arnhem? I know that the main element set up a dressing station in Wolfheze.

    Also can anyone recommend any books about the RAMC at Arnhem, other than Arnhem Doctor, as I`ve read that one.
  2. The former curator of the RAMC museum, the late Col Bert Tennuci was at Arnhem as a sergeant RAMC. Contact the RAMC museum they should be able to provide you with as much information as you require. His son was my RSM and a sterling chap.
  3. I used to work with his other son! There's a book out called 'Arnhem - A Tragedy of Errors' with a picture in it of Bert on the DZ. The same picture used to be on the wall of the Hartenstein as well.

    Small world eh!
  4. Brian?
  5. The Osprey Publishers (you know the stands of overpriced books on battles and uniforms in the corner of every WH Smiths) book on Opeation Market Garden has a photo of a RAMC officer being carried out of Oosterbeek.
  6. isnt there a book called 'red berets and red crosses' about the medics at Arnhem
  7. Indeed, blind as a bat but very handy in a scrap.

    Edited to add: Small world indeed JD. Bert was accorded enormous respect by all who knew him, a true gentleman.
  8. Saw Brian not so long ago, he was with the brother I worked with. My boss at SSAFA knows Brian very well as he's an ex Lt Col RAMC (and ex ranker as well)
  9. That's the one I put a link to further up, seems like it's very hard to find these days.
  10. Cheers Guys, for all your replies.

    The book Red Berets and Red Crosses sounds like the holy grail for my research, will attempt to locate a copy thanks for letting mke know about it!!!!!!!!!!