The RAF really travel in comfort!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Squiddly, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Look, see how they get carried between their five star hotels, and the airfields!? :lol: :D

  2. Rumour control has it that HCR will be re-equipping shortly.

    Soon to be added, 44ft of neon tubing and a jacuzzi.

    Be honest boys, if it wasn't for the £1,600-£4,000 hire charge (plus the cost of a low loader to get it to your local area) you all would in a heartbeat.
  3. right another idiot who does not take the time to read before posting! is it thta difficult? exactly how many answers do you expect? why not just put it in the sticky about links etc? so mods dont have to do it all the time?
  4. Just wondering why this hasn't been morphed into the links thread when you've bothered to reply? Not meaning to be necky just curious.

    As far as the RAF and transport go, is that not (something dissimilar to) a 76mm cannon on the turret, in which case H&S will prevent any self respecting crab from travelling in this.
  5. Fair enough, mea culpa. Looked for the "delete post" button, couldn't find one :( .

    Though, in retrospect, "how many replies you expect" in this case would be: "all the replies I'd expect if I were to dump this on the end page of a stickied huge long big massive thread, a-la 'the post graveyard', plus about 240 percent".

    Don't worry though, I'll not bother posting links in future.