The RAF are pissed awff

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Jokes' started by IssacHunt, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. In a recent statement by the British Prime Minister 'just call me Dave' Mr Cameron, it would seem that the RAF budget is being slashed..

    To mark this occasion the RAF, and in perfect formation had this to say...

  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Tell them to come back after they've shot something down.
  3. Dam Busters, copied from wikipedia
    The task was fraught with danger and difficulty. Wing Commander Gibson personally made the initial attack on the Moehne dam. Descending to within a few feet of the water and taking the full brunt of the antiaircraft defences, he delivered his attack with great accuracy. Afterwards he circled very low for 30 minutes, drawing the enemy fire on himself in order to leave as free a run as possible to the following aircraft which were attacking the dam in turn.
    Wing Commander Gibson then led the remainder of his force to the Eder dam where, with complete disregard for his own safety, he repeated his tactics and once more drew on himself the enemy fire so that the attack could be successfully developed.
    Wing Commander Gibson completed over 170 sorties, involving more than 600 hours operational flying. Throughout his operational career, prolonged exceptionally at his own request, he has shown leadership, determination and valour of the highest order.

    He died in action. I have a reprint of a Lancaster Bomber flown by Guy Gibson on a wall in my living room. I think your comment is out of order.
  4. The RAF of WWII are a vastly different Kettle of Fish.

    They cannot live of three years of Glory for 70 Years!
    heck it, the BoB was only a busy fortnight, before Hitler chose to change tack!
  5. Point taken
  6. brilliant :)

  7. They're survival experts like Yoko Ono.

    She's been living off one dead beetle for years.
  8. We didn't have that many Harriers anyway...