The Race to Save the Cougar Ace


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Interesting stuff.

I have been aboard a lot of car carriers.....wouldn't want to go to sea on one .
'kin 'ell, great read , thanks.
This is why I stay on dry land.


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similar to the one in SOTON a couple of years back
Hoeg Osaka

Initially I thought the Pilot had done a sterling job ,deliberately grounding the vessel on the Bramble Bank.

Turns out he had no option.

Ship had a list on when she left the quay. Stupid auto ballast system supposed to correct . It didn't.

Listing, flooding and grounding of vehicle carrier Hoegh Osaka Marine Accident Investigation Branch report - GOV.UK


This bastard thing is 20,000 tonnes....
World's Largest Car Carrier Ship In Southampton - Heart Hampshire News
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