The race is on... Canada goes to the polls Oct 14

PM Stephen Harper has just asked the Govenor General to dissolve parliament. He's called an election for Oct 14.

Harper has broken his recent law of fixed term elections. Canadians were not supposed to head to the polls until 2009. Speculations for why an early election have been attributed to:

Rumours are abound that the timing has to do with the US elections and fears that an Obamarama win would give the Liberals a coat tail to jump on.

Rumours that the Liberals are cash poor for running an election campaign.

There are 4 vacant seats and allegedly, Harper doesn't want to risk the chipping away of a minority government from by-elections and MPs walking across the floor.

On another note, we've never historically ran a smear type campaign that ones often sees in the US, pundits are anticipating we'll see a lot more negative ads and personal attacks than we're used to seeing. This might actually be an interesting race.
I'm afraid not, niner. I think this race will be a dull and pointless election, since we'll most likely wind up with a minority government yet again. As much as I like Harper's policies (to a point), I find the man is a personality void, and Stephane Dion is absolutely unbearable to listen to. I'll be avoiding the television for the next two months at all costs, as I might heave a brick through the screen if I see any more political bromides and bullsh1t from ANY party.
We can hope can't we? But I tend to agree with you brickie, it's going to be a ho-hum election.

We don't even have a backwater provincial politician to equal Palin to make it interesting... just Sheila Copps' mouth.

I will be interested to see the speeches about Afghanistan, the Navy's ship life extension plans and the 40 year Sea King saga.
It's a sad, sad day when I find Sheila Copps of all people to be sage, interesting, and a wit. Jesus. I need my head read after writing that. Too bad Canada can no longer produce interesting characters in parliament anymore, like a John Crosbie, who could at least had a modicum of wit in Question Period.

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