The Race Against Cancer

Apolgies to the mods if this is inappropriate, but it is sport related and also in a very good cause.

I have been asked to publicise the above event. Details can be found at

Luminaries such as Bradley Smith, Chaz Davies, Mika Kallio and British Speedway GP Champion Chris "Bomber" Harris, alongside some well known car drivers such as Jason Plato and Alain Menu with a good selection of young riders and drivers including the VERY attractive Aussie 125 rider Stacey McMahon will be in attendance.

It is quite obviously going to a very good cause and a good chance to get a chat with some riders in the GP paddock, including Brad, who will have just returned from his first test on the Polaris World Aprilia.

Tickets are in advance only and are available through the site.
The race is taking place at Rye House, which is near Harlow, just north of London on Sun 25th Nov.
So as it is only a couple of weeks away, book early.

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