The quiet heroes: The soldiers almost burnt alive in Basra..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. ITN used to drag John Nichol out as an expert on all things military.

    Whenever they needed pearls of wisdom pertaining to any aspect of military life, combat, or kit they would send a crew up to his house with a bag a cash.

    He was spouting about 'Blowpipe' once - and coming out with some terrible cobblers. Unfortunately for him there was someone in the 'film' crew who had actually trained on it. The producer still used Nichol's version however -as 'he was the expert'.

    Not bad for a bloke who's claim to fame was to be a map-reader in a plane that got shot down.

    I'm sure it's a worthwhile read though......
  2. As JoeCivvie has started a new thread on this subject - I thought it best to re-state my thanks first mentioned this weekend:

    I want to thank all of the members of the Arrse website who helped me with the book I started nearly 3 years ago.

    "Medic - Saving Lives From Dunkirk To Afghanistan" is published later this month and the serialisation started in the Daily Mail today (Saturday the 10th) - it will also run on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday next week.

    There is an acknowledgement on the first page to the countless Arrse-ers who provided contacts and information and many of you will know people who appear in the book - and quite a few of you appear in person! The simple fact is, that without Arrse, I would never have found so many truly amazing characters.

    I interviewed hundreds of serving and retired men and women and I can honestly say that - even after 15 years service myself - I was truly astonished by what I heard. Sadly, I couldn't use every account, but I hope I have done all those who entrusted their stories with me justice.

    Once again, many thanks to all who populate this site.

    John Nichol
  3. We didn't even get a cup of tea out of you.
  4. You reckon you could get enough sugar in the mug to sweeten you up? :D

  5. Bit harsh, not his fault MOD forgot to tell people they'd tried to flog JP233 to the Iraqis so they knew the attack profiles and could plan accordingly.
  6. True. But looking on the bright side, at least he got a lot of telly experience while he was over there.
  7. The words pollute, tsk authors :roll: