The question the politicians and bankers don't want you to ask!

If you want to see your average 'useful idiot' politician or economist squirm, then ask them this simple and direct question.....

Why cannot Her Majesty’s Government through the Treasury issue debt free and interest free money based upon the wealth, the common wealth, of this country (worth trillions)....why do we have to go cap in hand to the private and international banks who simply create money out of thin air - just numbers created on a computer screen - and who then charge exorbitant rates of interest on this 'nothingness', which is currently costing us the taxpayers something like £125,000,000 a day, or around £44,000,000,000 a year just to meet the interest payments?

The truth is we are being scammed! The so-called Deficit, which is being used to distress our armed forces as well as the weak and vulnerable in our society, is unlawful....I repeat, UNLAWFUL! A myriad of taxes, cuts and other austerity measures, not to mention widespread redundancies, have been imposed unlawfully upon the unwitting taxpayers…that is you and I…to tackle this. But, under Common Law, if you are found guilty of practicing your affairs with mischief, then everything you have been doing must be declared null and void. The same applies to this country's so-called National Debt (fast approaching £1 trillion having doubled in the last six years) and to all our own personal debts such as Mortgages and Personal Loans.....we can walk away from them all lawfully as we have all been given 'money' by the private banks that doesn't actually exist, that has no audit trail and comes to you as a debt. And before all the LSE ‘educated’ economists become excited and animated and saying that this is all rubbish and that you cannot possibly default lawfully from your ‘debts’, I suggest they read this next part very carefully, very carefully indeed!

What follows below is an excerpt from an editorial in The Times newspaper in 1865 which, even then, was influenced by the interests of the debt creating bankers. The American Civil War, as with nearly all wars in the last two hundred plus years, saw the bankers encouraging and profiteering from funding both sides. President Abraham Lincoln, realising the appalling criminality being practised by the ‘banksters’, rather than pay the phenomenal levels of interest on this 'money' created from ‘nothingness', took the radical and common sense decision to bypass the banks and to have the Union’s Treasury print their own interest-free and debt-free money. Called 'Greenbacks' because of their colour, the US Treasury issued around $450,000,000 with which to fund the ultimately successful Union’s war effort. This new system worked so well and was so popular with the people that Lincoln considered making it a permanent arrangement. This would have sounded the death knell for the private banks and their debt creating scams - their panic over Lincoln's ‘Greenbacks’ is reflected in this Times editorial:

"If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedence in the history of the civilised governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe".

This threat of sovereign governments printing their own interest-free and debt-free paper money, and so by-passing the private banks, had to be removed. On April 14th 1865, a certain John Wilkes Booth shot and killed Abraham Lincoln and with his death ended the debt free and interest free 'greenbacks'.

The Chancellor has told us that we all have to make a massive sacrifice to reduce our ever-widening 'deficit' (approximately £143 billion and growing)…….you know, to pay off the interest from that imaginary money created out of complete 'nothingness' by those nice and honest people who work in the private banking sector. We have seen our armed forces slashed and our ability to defend this country put in real jeopardy. We now have no aircraft carriers; no vertical take-off Harriers; no proper maritime reconnaissance aircraft; and two squadrons of Tornados are to go as will 20% of our regular soldiers by 2015. We now have the smallest navy since Henry VIII, possibly as few as a dozen destroyers and frigates if the latest plans are realised! This is complete madness for a maritime and trade dependant nation! But unfortunately the traitors in Parliament see it another way. Great Britain will now have to work in partnership with other European countries if the gaps in our defences are to be filled...or to put it in a more truthful way, Great Britain's sovereignty has been breeched and to defend ourselves militarily in the future we have to be an integral part of the European Union's future combined armed forces......and all because we have to pay off the interest from imaginary money created out of complete 'nothingness'. This isn’t just madness, this is TREASON on a scale never before witnessed!

When will people finally wake up as to how our country is being destroyed by traitors and criminals from within in supposed positions of trust? Please, if you value our ability to defend ourselves in the future and you wish to see the restoration of our armed forces, get this vital question out to everyone. If the Treasury were to issue real interest free and debt free money based upon the wealth of this nation, we would get our Carriers, Harriers and everything else back that we need to defend our sovereignty effectively.
The truth is we are being scammed! The so-called Deficit, which is being used to distress our armed forces as well as the weak and vulnerable in our society, is unlawful....I repeat, UNLAWFUL! A myriad of taxes, cuts and other austerity measures, not to mention widespread redundancies, have been imposed unlawfully upon the unwitting taxpayers…that is you and I…to tackle this. But, under Common Law, if you are found guilty of practicing your affairs with mischief, then everything you have been doing must be declared null and void.
Oh dear, the "Freeman" movement has found ARRSE. This'll make Peter Dow and Afghan Kandak look like amusing and entertaining distractions.

What you think the "Common Law" is and what Common Law actually is are completely different things.

Oh, and I forgot to say - "Treason" is a statutory offence.
Thanks Jabber for linking that - unfortunately, with the mindless thuggery and destruction going on in our streets, I can completely understand why many users of ARRSE are 'otherwise engaged'. And yet this simple fact - the banks 'legal' but 'unlawful' right to print debt money completely out of thin air is at the root of nearly all of our problems. I'm afraid I had a wry smile when one poor resident, who had seen his business trashed, said the Army should be brought in with the reporter immediately pointing out that the army probably didn't have the manpower now to respond to such emergencies. And why is that....because our armed forces are being reduced and distressed to help tackle the 'deficit' - that is we are paying back 'real' money that has been generated by this country by proper means to the bankers for the 'debt' money they created out of thin air. When are our people going to wake up to this criminality as well! Are the hooded morons on the streets any worse than the fat cat banker currently sitting on their luxury yachts in the South of France? I beg to suggest there is a debate to be had here.
An excellent post 'cartondewiart', excellent. Stand by for the traitors, Europhiles, economists (what did an economist ever make?), lunatics and the usual limp-wristed LaLa Land dwellers to pile in describing you as insane and advising you to continue taking your medicine.

I have no doubt whatsoever that there is a small, powerful, unelected, clique operating in and behind the skirts of Brussels, whose primary aim is a Federal State of Europe. This aim requires the elimination of all sovereign nations currently existing in Europe.

As 'cartondewiart' says, it is madness, sheer lunacy for an island nation to dispense with - destroy in the current case - its Navy. This MUST be a deliberate act to weaken the nation's ability to defend itself and to ensure the free flow of maritime trade into and out of our its ports.

The decimation of the Army - notwithstanding its heavy engagement in Afghanistan - is verging on the criminally stupid - no, it is criminally stupid and verging on treason.. However, if the Army is reduced to the military effectiveness of the Combined Cadet Force and the Women's Institute, then voila we depend on 'big brother' in Brussels (Berlin actually but that FACT is not for publication in Europe).

There are other serious factors, imposed on us by Europe - unlimited immigration; an avalanche of laws, rules and regulations; the Court of Human Rights; the supremacy of European law over British law, to name a slack handful. Each of these impositions are specifically designed to weaken our sovereignty; adversely affect our financial stability; destroy our identity and undermine our institutions. These measures are supported by the pusillanimous politicians who have so badly guided the fortunes of this sad nation since 1990.

It is pointless asking people to 'think what Europe' is doing to us, as most neither care nor understand. Many are totally consumed with surviving in the financial disaster that has been visited upon us by the crazed excesses of the failed oaf Brown, his henchman the fatuous and dangerous twerp Balls and aided and abetted by the self-serving, posturing poltroon, the grinning spiv Blair - too concerned with his image and legacy to realise, or care, what the oaf Brown was doing.

Again, well said 'cartondewiart', well said!
We're all addicted to the Credit Rating tables - that's what's behind it all!
Idrach my friend....Common Law, going back as far as the Saxon times, is based on custom, common sense and common decency. It is simple, unllke all the 'Statutes' that our treasonous and half-witted politicians have brought in, many endorsing the insanity coming from the EU......Common Law simply states that you do not do harm to anyone, you do not cause loss to anyone, you do not commit a breach of the peace and you do not conduct your affairs with mischief. Common Law policing is straight forward and the thugs and feral youths on our streets would fear it if it was allowed to be practised properly. Common sense and no nonsense! BTW, our bobbies on the beat are also being cut back to reduce this unlawful 'deficit'. Maybe the agreement we have with the EU concerning the use of European police on our shores will have to be implemented to support our diminishing numbers of wouldn't that be a feather in the cap for our EU Federalist traitors sitting in the House of Commons!
The unlawfulness of creating money from thin air came in addition to the Bank of England Act 1694. The writers then wanted to avoid the "serious oppression of Their Majesties' subjects" by setting a fine if the 'corporation' were to trade. The fine was treble the value of the trade.

Well, this fine should be treble the National Debt each year!

See Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 and for more

Glad you're waking people up!!!



Kit Reviewer
Oh great, another Mugabe Economics supporter. "The banks 'legal' but 'unlawful' right to print debt money completely out of thin air is at the root of nearly all of our problems". Er, that would be because they can't. They are not allowed to. The Bank of England controls money supply (M0, M4) and controls the ammount the retail banks are allowed to lend out. What caused the first financial crisis is a series of lax governmental rulings and laws that allowed the retail banks to lend more than what was safe as a proportion of their deposits and indeed borrow more from other sources to lend. The reason this was done was that Zanu Labour wanted an endless economic bubble to hide the fact they were taking too much money out of the private sector in taxes and kept the economy growing by a giant ponzi scheme of house prices. Eventially they got found out.

Why not create debt free money? Has Quantitive Easing and the complete lack of its effectiveness completely passed you by?
Why doesn't the country issue new money. Because Even Fiat currency needs some backing by the state, we already have currency backed by the state, you wish to create a new currency. Hmmm Oh you mean like Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal adopting a new currency and massive price inflation occuring when it was adopted combined with complete fiscal diarrhea as it allows them to piss away even more "Wealth" on Diversity and outreach co-ordinatiors and the assorted cock clag of state. And after inventing this new currency and writing off all our debts, who pray tell will have faith in our ability to pay our bills in the future? Who will accept this new currency overseas, or do you think we can close the borders like North Korea and feed ourself by digging up the back lawn like the "Good life"?

After all we have seen at what has happened in the world when Governments spend more than they should, where even America is seen to fail; we still have people advocating firehosing the countries wealth at the state, once the private sector runs out we invent some more and spend that too. We still have people saying that we should spend what we don't have and saddle future generations with our debt. Brilliant. Are you Ed Balls?

Do you honestly think that the man you have picked as an avitar - Lt General Adrian Carton De Wiart VC - would respect your refusal to man the fuck up and take the pain of your governments stupidity? The man bit his own fingers off because he thought the state health system (in this case the RAMC) were a bunch of fuckwits. Did he whine about how he was one of the poor and unfortunate in society, or did he show some balls and sort out his problems himself.

And re your point on a strong military, everybody wants one of those, especially those on here who actually serve. Its just those of us with more than one brain cell bouncing round their head like a game of Pong realise you only get a strong military with a strong economy.
Oh great, another Mugabe Economics supporter.
Nope. It's a Freeman. Mugabe's supporters get power and whatever cash they can wring out of the broken economy. This lot just get derision. Which they fully deserve - "Common law going back to Saxon times"? Pillocks.
Well 'Travelgall', where do I start? I have to say that your Avatar is a bit strange but your choice old boy, so good luck to you! I chose 'Carton de Wiart' because he was my late father's first cousin's maternal grandfather (I think they call that a distant relative!). At the age of five I stood before him with his one eye looking staight into mine when my family visited him at his home in Ireland. I chose him as my Avatar because even at that young age, I realised he was someone special and as I grew up his story was told to me......and it pleases me that you obviously know something about him, unfortunately many people don't. He had a 'Boy's Own' life, got into a huge number of scrapes and close shaves and received something like thirteen different wounds for his troubles. A great man!

A great man....and a great patriot (despite being half Belgian) who would be appalled if he were alive today to see how the criminal bankers and their treasonous servants who we misguidedly elect into power over us are now destroying our armed forces so that we are compelled to rely on Europe for our defence. Now you mention 'Quantative Easing'....if I remember Gordon Brown and his treasonous gang of 'fuckwits' (to use your colourful and descriptive language) gave that 'money' to the private banksters if I'm not mistaken. We're not going to give them one bloody farthing, not one. They can whistle away and take us to court.....a Common Law court made up of twelve decent men and women true who, I think, will give them short shrift when the truth about 'Banking' is made clear to them. Then it will be our turn to take them to court.....and the keys will be thrown away! And we will not go down the way of Zimbabwe, or anywhere else for that matter, because our country will be governed for the people and the country first, bankers and the City of London last.

Interestingly, in your little attack on me (which I think I can ride out without too much trouble), you didn't explain what was wrong with Abraham Lincoln and his creation of 'Greenbacks'. And a little bit of homework for you to do......why is it that when you ask the government about the Bank of England Nominees Ltd, it is covered by the official secrets act and you cannot get an answer from a Freedom of Information Request.....what's so special about this little offshoot to the Bank of England? Answers please on a postcard.

And finally, 'Isquared' warned me that "traitors, Europhiles, economists, lunatics and the usual limp-wristed LaLa Land dwellers" would attempt to shoot me down. Along with your little side-kick 'Idrach' (who seems unable or unwilling to string a proper argument together - still give him time), which are you?
Don't worry, Cartonwierd, I'm not going to shoot you down.

I'm just going to ignore you because you're a fucking idiot.
Blegh cmon fellas....Carton's got some good points as do the rest of ya....

Chuck my perspective in here - about 5 or 6 years ago I posted on my civvy-job's intranet site (aye, sorry to those that hate the TA, but it's what I do), and I posted sommit about like the whole world economy is one big ponzi-scheme. You can't get yer own business off the ground unless you get into lots of debt, I was actually refused house insurance one year because I had never made a claim (honest injun fellas, I still have the letter), and then cue today - rioting (scum die) in the streets and masses of inbred/chav/mong/dougheed/scum/pricks (*delete as appropriate - or just leave in)....

I'm in no way saying that the sole cause of the rioting is caused by the recent economic revelations we've seen recently, only that there's shite going on in everyone's lives right now and we can see those that don't live in the real world....those that rake in million and billions of dollars every year for what can only be called theft...But there's no-one doing anything about it....

The call for debate was a good one, as long as we keep it civil....

Personally, I wanna see Darwin's theory come into play bigtime and the riots put down with a few thousand rounds, the fucking thieving jobless bastards :)

Peace ;)
I did warn you that the reptiles would slime from beneath their latrines and attack you.

Stick to your guns me mate - sooner or later the myth of the detestable Eurineland must be exploded.

As you are related to the 'great man', I attach below a snippet about his life:

Victoria Cross
During World War I, Carton de Wiart received the Victoria Cross (VC), the highest award for gallantry in combat that can be awarded to British Empire forces. He was 36 years old, and a lieutenant-colonel in the 4th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish), British Army, attached to the Gloucestershire Regiment, commanding the 8th Battalion, when the following events took place on 2/3 July July 1916, at La Boiselle, France:
For most conspicuous bravery, coolness and determination during severe operations of a prolonged nature. It was owing in a great measure to his dauntless courage and inspiring example that a serious reverse was averted. He displayed the utmost energy and courage in forcing our attack home. After three other battalion Commanders had become casualties, he controlled their commands, and ensured that the ground won was maintained at all costs. He frequently exposed himself in the organisation of positions and of supplies, passing unflinchingly through fire barrage of the most intense nature. His gallantry was inspiring to all.[7]
His Victoria Cross is displayed at the National Army Museum, Chelsea.

This sort of actuality is not favoured by the deniers - those that deprecate: breeding; history; in fact anything that does not conform to their grey vision of equality - equality excepting for the ruling elite of course.

On. on Carton de Wiart - rejoice in your antecedent and praise him whenever you can - never ever deny him - as Jesus was denied - never ever.

PS: The retards in communist land do not like reference to Jesus: Saviour of the World. Why? Because Jesus and his Creed has existed for two thousand years and communism has existed, only now in China and North Korea for about ninety odd years - communism, with socialism,a pair of stupidities that our successors will laugh about until their ribs ache!
Alright then, this 'common wealth' which you calculate as being worth 'trillions' and is to be used to back this new 'debt free' currency - what is it exactly?

What does it comprise of?
little side-kick 'Idrach' (who seems unable or unwilling to string a proper argument together - still give him time)
At least, thankfully, I'm no longer "your friend". Oh and Travelgall doesn't know me.

But there is no point stringing together proper arguments with "Freemen". It's like the Borg, really. They stopped listening long ago. And, yes, I am tiny ...

Just for the sake of it - the "Common Law" as Mr Charles A Weisman states it does not and never did exist. It is a myth. Even in Iceland (which comes closest.)

And, frankly, I don't care about your, lsquared's or any other random arrser's opinion of me. Thanks for nothing and all.

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