The quest to land withOUT a parachute

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by winnfield, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Quest to be the first to land using ONLY a wingsuit.

    Video report:
  2. great vid! that nutter is going to pull it off i reckon, if the grim reaper doesn't beat him to it.
  3. 1. Why
    2. What happens when the first landing doesn't work
  4. With an impact vector of 3-1, he'll pile in at 100kts, break every bone in his body, tear all his viscera loose and send his bowels into his chest cavity.
    Other than that, he'll be fine.
    Crack on Jeb, can I have your boots?
  5. I could provide one or two 'involuntary volunteers' from my unit to be guinea pigs in this particular experiment, if needed.
  6. I bags his watch, they usually survive. Boots can have femurs damage the lining and blood stained leather smells after a few months.
    Hasn't someone told them that a blue-job left an aircraft sans 'chute circa 1943 (?) landed in some snow laden fir trees and survived. Is there a lesson here? Squirrel suits into trees?
  7. Didn't the Russians try something similar , jumping without parachutes during WW11 ? Seem to remember seeing some film of them sliding of the wings of some aircraft and landing in the snow , survival rate wasn't too high I think
  8. Their survival rate was pretty high actually considering the numbers dropped. Troops would 'clamber' from door on to a holding bar on the wing leading edge. On a given command they would collectively release their grip and slide bellywise off the wings onto 'deep' snowdrifts. The Russkis were undertaking mass drops long before the Germans or ourselves got into it.
  9. A good move, assuming of course that we go to war with enemies in cold, snowy places.....hang on...
  10. A wise man once said "That's not flying, it's falling with style."

    So... let me get this straight... assuming that (and this is a stretch in itself) he doesn't just end up a crimson stain on a hillside, his idea of a good landing involves him hurtling down a snowy slope, on his face, at 100mph. Do you think he's stopped to ask any Olympic skiers what that feels like and whether they would recommend it?