The 'Queen's' Speech...

Who is the greater threat to long-term democracy in this country?

  • Osam bin Laden/Al Quieda

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  • New Labour

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In view of the proposals for 'enhanced security measures' made in the Queen's Speech, whom do you think poses the greatest threat to the long-term future of democracy, in this country?
Good thread, young OldAdam!

Thread gets relocated to Int Cell or NAAFI in 3....2....1....
Hope not, stoats.
As Sir Humphrey might say 'This is a serious poll with wide-ranging implications for our country's future...'
Yeah, well...... :lol:
Yup. I figured its what you might call 'A Clear and Present Danger...'


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There doesn't seem to be much dissention amongst the ranks, but probably not unexpected here.

I wonder what the response would be in a national rag ?

Any lurking journos want to try this poll with the wider public ?

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