the Queens shilling

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. how much was it when you signed up?

    i got £12 and was expected to buy 5 coat hangers, wash/shaving kit, boot polish and brushes, dusters and a steam iron with it. not bleeding likely, even in 1989.

    note, you need to have actually been in the forces to answer this thread.
  2. 16 October 1987 - £10
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  3. I can't remember getting any ex gratia payment on joining, mind you it was 1972.
  4. £5 (I think) for me in 1978. I walked across the road in Queens Road Brighton and invested it in the pub.
  5. Fiver. Promptly blew half in local pub while thinking I was the dogs bollocks having taken the oath. Catterick a few weeks later soon knocked that notion out of me.
  6. bus fare home and a Bible!! no shilling or the equivalent, cunts! can I claim?
  7. Yep. 25th Nov 1987 - £10.

    Winmarleigh St, Warrington.
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  8. 1970s. Nowt. Jack Shit.

    To keep me in the loop, the pay statement kindly provided at the end of the first month advised me that I owed The Queen £3.40. I'd never been so well off.
  9. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    5 December 1986, London. 10 quid. Went to the pub.

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  10. 1995, 25 notes I think. Feckers didn't tell me it came off my first pay!
  11. January 1976 a £1 note & a shiny 5p.
    Wasn't taken out of my pay either but then again I had just signed up to be a crab........:)
  12. How did you cheek that one? I signed up on the 5th Jan 1995 and sure I got £15! But I know it wasn't bloody £25. I thought the original idea behind the Queen's shilling, was you got half a days pay. Or did you join as a Rupert?
  13. Chatham 1979, £6.50.
    Bought a magazine on the way home and spent the afternoon in bed.
  14. Cant remember, but i do remember after 14 weeks of basic training at brats that after being paid my weekly 15 quid or whatever it was, that the money i had in the bank after all the shite i went through in training was a measley 140 odd quid which really pissed me off with the leave being over Xmas.
  15. Can't remember but I spent more than I would have got paid getting wankered in the Clarence pub in Whitehall afterwards