The Queens Regiment reforms!!!!

I bet I’m not the only one whose heart skipped a beat when they read today’s Telegraph

People on the outskirts of Bangkok said they saw 35 lorries each with 10 armed members of the Queen's Regiment, the equivalent of the Brigade of Guards, travelling towards the city centre.
My first reaction was the bloody press have got it wrong again…..we were much better then the guards! I then thought it was impossible as those Queensman still serving with PWRR are already busy with Iraq. Then my mind turned to the Old and the Bold, perhaps they have reformed? Not as fast as they used to be but still the Second of Foot, Second to none. I know of at least one ex 5Queens who now runs a bar over there and was always keen to get into a fight…….



Book Reviewer
Perhaps they all took redundancy on the formation of the PWRR, and fled to form a Mercenary Regiment in Thailand?

Kirke's Lambs rise again? It would be nice to think so, and there are plenty of examples of this sort of thing in the past :)

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