The Queens Palaces

I recorded this the other night and sat down to watch it yesterday, thing is, with the delectable Fiona Bruce swanning around in a clingy silk dress showing all the curves I spent the 60 odd minutes spotting knicker lines and long views of very nice thigh. Did anyone else watch it, if so could I have a synopsis of the actual programme as I have no idea what it was about.
I have kept the recording just in case I want to watch it again.


Didnt actually watch it but I would happily get lost in Fiona's pubic maze. Or to put it in a more refined tone: I would smash her palatial backdoors in.


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What a CORKER!! :)

Mark The Convict

Just Googled her - a bit fierce and squinty for me. She could afford to leave her eyebrows alone, they remind me of Chucky for some odd reason. Nice pins though.


It's not the Queen's palaces, they belong to the British tax payer.
The thing about paying tax is that it is no longer yours, it's the State's/Crown's/HM's as you's like buying a pair of jeans from Armani then thinking you can tell him what to do with his profits. Buying products/services does not equate to buying shares in the firm.

(and actually the debt owed by the Hanoverians, if I'm not wrong, has been paid in full)

The Crown Estate: good news for the Queen - Telegraph


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The Crown Estates are managed for the taxpayer by the Treasury. HM's official duties & official household are paid for by a grant called the Civil List whose size is decided by Parliament. HM still doing official duties at 85 (and the DoE at 90 complete with the odd unmatchable pearl of wisdom) makes those of us who took early retirement look pretty idle. I would find being nice to people all day totally impossible.

As to Miss B, I gather she is 47 which must make a lot of 46 year old women feel pretty sick. However that makes Auld Yin a cradle snatcher. Personally of course I concentrate on the history of the Royal Palaces. Usefully repeated on i-Player.
She's too boney and she knows fuck-all about history. Apart from that it was brilliant TV.
Oh, FFS. She's moved on tonight to a short dress with boots combo. How is anyone supposed to concentrate on the history and architecture??
Nah, perferred her in last week's clingy shift-type thing. The boots looked like they had spurs attached and the dress didn't do her justice.


She's all boots and bones, would still get it though, strikes me that she wanders around like a royal walt!


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Those of you who only tuned in to the palaces missed Miss B on Antiques Roadshow judging the relative merits of three pearl necklaces.
Just had a quick ganders at this weeks programme about Holyrood, given that it's the Scottish palace you would think that a pleated tartan miniskirt would be appropriate wouldn't you.

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