Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by recce-cpl, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. Support is needed in Frankfurt this weekend , 1st THE QUEENS DRAGOON GUARDS are playing the German national rugby union team on Sat 22nd oct in Frankfurt at the ssv stadium . Its a fastball as the BA(G) team had to pull out . If anyone is in the area please turn up as your support is most welcome , info from Osnabruck mil number 2829 .
  2. My money is on the boxheads.
  3. Fair one , we have a really young side out , and the Germans are paying for a top class hotel with free beer and food , so if we get our ''ARRSE'' kicked we will have to drink them under the table after the game .
  4. The final score was 69-6 to Germany , Sounds bad but Germany were fielding there World cup squad . The event was sponsored by a german beer company so there was one hell of a booze up after the game .
  5. Great after match report Recce...who won the post match "boat race" and did the Germans get a damned fine "british army " Kicking at the closing time Bell?
  6. Unfortunately i came off injured in the second half so the evening was a bit painful for me and had to retire to my hotel bed early , however the boys went on the town with the german team and ended up in a massive nightclub on ''Gay'' night .A few dodgy stories were told at breakfast this morning for those that made it .A top night was had by all but i upset the German coach by saying that a National rugby team that hopes to be in the next Rugby world cup should be able to put over 100 points on a scratch last minute army side that had a CO's bergan tab the previous morning . I did manage to blag a snazzy tie to match my torn knee ligaments.
  7. Not "Galleria"? 8O
  8. Ha ha, DozyBint knows all the gay clubs! :lol:
  9. DozyBint lived in Frankfurt for a year and rarely went to bed before 0200hrs! Most clubs had a gay night once a week. They'd have been better off in Golden Gate (a strip joint near the Hauptbahnhof) and then onto Alte Sachsenhausen - some truly dodgy bars there!

    Edited for mong schpeeling of a Cherman word...
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Is that when you got fed up hoping you would pull and went home-alone? :wink: :lol:
  11. Aye... :oops: :lol: Though most nights would end up falling out of the Polish bar at around 0400hrs and more than one work-day I found myself going into work from the 7 o'Clock Bar (via my aparment for a quick shower!)
  12. Good effort the QDG - no shame in losing by that score to the German National side, given the preparation you had.

    I've played against the Danish National side before and I'm sure that what they had in common with the Germans was very big and very fast blokes - lacking in the technical side of the game but more than a bit enthusiastic. It's a big call when you have to crash tackle someone who's about twice your body weight moving at around the 100 metre in 10 seconds mark.

    The mistake the Danes made with us was to get us tanked up the night before so we hit those big guys hard (no fear) and we beat them - didn't half hurt when we sobered up though!!

    You certainly didn't let yourselves down and good to hear you won the third half.
  13. Isn't the third half the most inportant part anyway?

  14. What would you know about Rugby Sluicey.......You're bloody WELSH hehehe
  15. Ummmmmm........Grand Slam 2005..........just cause England are the world champions.........we still kicked your buts this year....