The Queen's Dragoon Guards, Right or Wrong For My Wanted Role?

For my first role choice I've selected "Tank Crewman/Royal Armoured Corps" -- With the aim to be a crewman of a Challenger Tank 2.

I'm based in Wales so went to the Swansea recruitment office where they suggested "1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards"

Got home, did some research and it seems that the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards wouldn't be suitable if I wanted to do Challenger Tank 2? I'm assuming they've just told me to go there because 1) They are RAC 2) It's close to where I live.

Any suggestions on what my best bet is here if I wanted to do Challenger Tank 2.

What would I mainly be on if I DID join the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards?
QDG are not Challenger 2. As it stands they're using Scimitar (I think, definitely CVRT). Getting some new kit soon in the form of Jackal, a 3 man wheeled vehicle. As for near where you live? QDG aren't in Wales, in fact none of the Welsh regiments are. They're over in Germany atm, coming back to Swanton Morley (Norfolk) soon-ish.


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The RTR, KRH and QRH are the Armoured Regiments,
RTR and KRH in Tidworth, QRH in Sennelager until 2018 then Tidworth.
There's only one answer, young man. You simply must join the finest of regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps, that is the Royal Tank Regiment. These days they're pretty national and you'll get the nearest posting you can to the valleys, isn't it, look you.

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