The Queens Commission - A Junior Officer Guide

Not heard about this before, but just found it on the Sandhurst Web Site, does it repleace Serve to Lead???

Junior Officer Guide

Looks vv similar to Serve to Lead


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I had a read of it today (well scan to be honest). Looks quite good actually - the best bit was the who you should top your hat to when you first arrive and why (namely - they write your OJAR or will make your life very painful indeed if you don't). I think it would have done better if it mentioned that speaking with your sub-unit 2ic they would be a good source for impartial big brotherly / sisterly advice (if they are worth their salt of course).
it is issued in addition to "serve to lead" and cover things like letter writing, compiments etc. Serve to lead is a selection of quotes that may inspire young officers in areas such as leadership, discipline and morale.
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