The Queens Cavalry

Discussion in 'RAC' started by tankieboy, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else watching The Queen's Cavalry, BBC1 Thursdays, 20:30 - 21:00.
  2. Yep,and think its a cracking programme,liked the bit about the lads meeting their mounts for the first time,takes some balls to get on a nag that size when you don't know which end is which(done it myself-not on the donkey wallopers course).Love progs like these as they show the public rightly or wrongly what the Army is about.Thumbs up the Cavalry!
  3. Good program - still a bunch of Donkey shagging puffs though!
  4. I loved the bit where the CVR(T) comander takes on the apache with a GPMG he borrowed of the grunts.
  5. Quote "...armed mostly with blanks." 8O
  6. When I can catch it,

    anyone know where I can get "fighting the war" or "brother soldier, husband, dad " (or whatever it was called) on DVD?

  7. Are they on DVD then?
  8. thats what Im hoping, but iv'e been scouting out Amazon for ages and I cant find them for love nor money, hopefully they'll come out soon or I might have to approach the BBC for copies.

  9. That brother sister soldier thing wasn't bad except for an absoloute fat *****er of a seventeen year old from the RHA doing his bit to camera, fag in hand, sunburnt skin head, "a lot of lads are gonna do a lot of growin up 'ere" ,(He's probably the youngest bloke in the battery!) followed by the thousand yard stare, then cut to him getting beasted for not being able to complete a 2km circuit of the camp for p.t! Pissed my pants.!! Otherwise not a bad show.
  10. Anybody see it last night?

    Elite recconaisance troops trying to get from Windsor to Aldershot but getting lost on Farnham High Street instead. Confidence inspiring or what?

    "So just where did you see that pile of WMDs, CoH Bentley?"
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Missed most of the series, is it repeated at anytime of the week?
  12. Not sure but they might repeat it for deaf people (signed and subtitled version) these usually show at 1:00+ in the morning so id have a look in your tv guide. I was suprised when I heard "the Scimitar took on 2 Iraqi Battle Tanks and 1 Troop Carrier and was victorious!"
  13. be honest Flynn 101, are you really THAT suprised......
  14. Try signing up at

    its a torrent site and the first 3 episodes are there ready for download.

    Hope this helps.
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