The Queens Cavalry

Yep,and think its a cracking programme,liked the bit about the lads meeting their mounts for the first time,takes some balls to get on a nag that size when you don't know which end is which(done it myself-not on the donkey wallopers course).Love progs like these as they show the public rightly or wrongly what the Army is about.Thumbs up the Cavalry!
thats what Im hoping, but iv'e been scouting out Amazon for ages and I cant find them for love nor money, hopefully they'll come out soon or I might have to approach the BBC for copies.

That brother sister soldier thing wasn't bad except for an absoloute fat *****er of a seventeen year old from the RHA doing his bit to camera, fag in hand, sunburnt skin head, "a lot of lads are gonna do a lot of growin up 'ere" ,(He's probably the youngest bloke in the battery!) followed by the thousand yard stare, then cut to him getting beasted for not being able to complete a 2km circuit of the camp for p.t! Pissed my pants.!! Otherwise not a bad show.
Anybody see it last night?

Elite recconaisance troops trying to get from Windsor to Aldershot but getting lost on Farnham High Street instead. Confidence inspiring or what?

"So just where did you see that pile of WMDs, CoH Bentley?"
Not sure but they might repeat it for deaf people (signed and subtitled version) these usually show at 1:00+ in the morning so id have a look in your tv guide. I was suprised when I heard "the Scimitar took on 2 Iraqi Battle Tanks and 1 Troop Carrier and was victorious!"


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Let us be honest, and if there is anyone from the Household Cavalry here I am sure they will probably agree, this is not a good advert for the Army.

It certainly does not reflect the rest of the field army who are working hard and getting shafted left, right and centre.

An officer who berates his soldiers in a casual tone whilst inspecting them, some tw@t claiming the riding course is the hardest course in the Army and some idiot attempting to command a CVR(T) getting lost in Farnham High Street. Added to this is a soldier who says that he is getting out as soon as the able to sign the paperwork and an officer who thinks that the real army is all about thrashing some horse up and down London really does not make us look good.

Lets ask ourselves a few questions:

a. Is this how our media people see ourselves?

b. Is this the image we wish to portray to the public?

c. Did anyone proof these programmes before they were released, and if so why didn't they remove the embarrassing bits of supposedly trained soldiers making fools out of themselves on national television?

Answers on a postcard......
really picked the wrong cav regiment. they are Queens cav in every sense. i dont think any tv prog can really portray army life, it would be hours of sitting round and doing daft stuff, with the odd bit of graft done on exercise. In camp admin is not the exciting television is it, even being on tour as its dull moments. I wonder if this sudden spate of military based programs is to do with the recruiting problem? or am i just a sceptic!
The unguided tour of Farnham aside it does make for great TV. I've been in over 20 years and I find it fascinating and entertaining in equal measure.

The Household Cavalry are not like the rest of the Army and they never will be unless we get rid of all non-operational horses. Remember, the British Army still has more horses than tanks and the Monarch is guarded by the Royal & Diplomatic Protection Squad not the Household Cavalry. Don't think I'm making a case for getting shot of them, the tourist income they help generate for UK plc more than covers the cost of a few nosebags and some tins of Brasso & Blanco.
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