The Queens Birthday Honours List 2009

Discussion in 'RLC' started by postman_twit, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Congratulations to all the RLC who have earned a trip to the palace, especially the OBE for Dangerous Brian.

  2. MBE's

    Major John Robert Timothy BALDING GM
    The Royal Logistic Corps

    Major Brian Hillon MACINTYRE
    The Royal Logistic Corps

    Major John Stuart Douglas McCRANN
    The Royal Logistic Corps

    Major Victoria Caroline REID
    The Royal Logistic Corps

    Warrant Officer Class 1 Nicholas James SMITH
    The Royal Logistic Corps


    Colonel Richard Clive HAMBLETON TD
    Late The Royal Logistic Corps Territorial Army

    Warrant Officer Class 2 Peter Arthur MUDD
    The Royal Logistic Corps Territorial Army

    A good day for the RLC, we must be doing something right.
  3. Glad to see that the junior members of the Corps were well represented again.
  4. Shut up you fool and go and research what the awards are all about.
  5. Shut the fook up, you chippy ill-informed git. If that's alright by you?

    These awards are for people who have put a lot of hours in, over the years or delivered big projects possibly in a non-operational but nevertheless important context.

    Gosh, I must get up this early every day...FEEL the rage building...
  6. Congrats to all - who undoubtably deserve their awards.

    In defence of the comment on Juniors not getting awarded anything - this is a slightly different subject, one that has been argued extensively in the British Army Review, particulalry by a chap by the name of Skuse.
    With the demise of the BEM, the intention was to award those who would have qualified under the old regime the MBE. This has singularly failed. The aim of having equality means that those who may have been recognised in the past most likely receive nothing.

    The removal of the BEM was a mistake - so unless the amount of MBEs was to rise proportionally - or those individuals would nominated by the chain of command (obviously not happening) increased, then the amount of junior ranks recieving awards will and has reduced. Unless you include Jt Comds Comds et al.

    Just a thought! But absolutely no reflection on those who have been recognised - one could argue that given the pace of ops and life in sp of ops then there should be a higher quota.
  7. Well put
  8. Dingerr / Achillies / Cuddles, you miss my point entirely. I have nothing but respect for those that do receive awards; My point is, yet again JNCO's of the Corps have not been recognised on the highest formal stage. Are you telling me that there aren't deserving soldiers out there? Considering there are approx 10'000 junior members of the Corps don't you find it strange that none feature in the List? I could name a fair few that are deserving but it seems the regimental CoC fails to follow up the submissions put in on behalf of our soldiers who are doing all sorts of fantastic things - DRLC himself often acknowledges the prowess of our juniors in the pages of the Sustainer.
    My dig is at the CoC, not the individuals who have recieved their award. So before you call me a fool again - RTFQ - and think before you spout off.
    And no, I am not a junior.
  9. To be nominated for, never mind actually awarded a state honour you have to do something pretty special. In the bulk of cases the responsibilites of a JNCO are reasonably limited compared to other 'runners' for state honours - additionally there has to be significant evidence that a nominee has consistenty acted above that expected of them.

    There are a range of other non-state awards, eg GOC's commendations, CinC's meritorious certificate and other formation comd's awards open to JNCOs.
  10. Sadly, the removal of the BEM has effectively cut off the options for more junior members of the Corps. The MBE was supposed to be allocated more widely, but this has not occurred to the level that the BEM was awarded.
  11. I don't agree. Far from it. The first requirement to win any award is a CO who values his men and makes the recommendations in sufficient numbers. As opposed to soldiering through 18 months in NI, awarding nothing and being given the OBE himself.
  12. daft-dyke all nominations are filtered at formation and div level, prior to FLC then to MS H&As at the MOD. Most H&As nominations fall at formation level as they are simply not strong enough - there is more to getting an award than a CO simply making lots of recommendations.

    As for your ex CO, remember that H&As work 12 months in advance, ie, we have just done citations for QBL10 based on all activity up until this point throughout an individual's career - H&As are not restricted to reporting periods like ARs.

    So whilst you may think he did nothing during those specific 18 months the award was almost certainly made for a specific activity or related to previous activity prior to the tour...
  13. I am well aware of the process and procedures for awarding honours and decorations thank you. Your patronizing drivel is not needed.
  14. Honours in the military are still worth something, unlike MBEs for cricketers, cyclists etc. Juniors may make a significant contribution to schemes, projects or whatever but it will generally be the senior member that does all the hard work of planning, implementation and successful completion. Hence more seniors get these awards. Military awards, however, will involve everyone, which is why MCs and other type awards (even the magnificent VC) will be more equally shared out. In the case of the CO getting OBE (Other Buggers Efforts), MBE (Many Buggers Efforts) he was probably the one who instigated and saw through the whole scheme from beginning to end. The project leader, who gets the award, has probably put more angst, tears and sweat into the project itself than the juniors who, although significantly contributing to the project, doesn't put in as much as the team leader.
    I well remember GOC NI refusing to countenance any recommendation for the MBE/OBE which started "He has put in long hours and worked very hard" because the GOC replied "we all do that". The awards are only given for something outstanding that actually works, woe betide the poor barsteward that works his guts out only to find the thing he has led doesn't do what it was supposed to do.
    ((PS. Have a bit of a conflict of interest here. I was awarded the MBE in NI back in 89 and I would like to thank all those who worked with me and made my project a success BUT I was the one who worked 18 hours a day for 2 years, sweated my heart out to ensure it was a success and sat up to 3 or 4 in the morning writing up reports for BO (big officers) to treat like toilet paper.)
    And, as I've said before, apart from the fabulous day when my missus and kids had a fantastic day out at Buck House and a nice, signed cert from Phil the Greek, it hasn't really pushed my career along. Howcver, there are some benefits. If i take my medal along to Starbucks and give them £3,20, they give me a free cup of coffee. Geat, huh?
  15. i don't think you do. that's my point. out of interest how many citations have you ever seen prior to submission?