The Queens aka The Greatham inn

Discussion in 'REME' started by jakeblues68, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Brings back memories of chewed headrests in the minibus, mirrored walls, car park quickies, shi-ite music......blah.....blah.....

    Any VM/Sparky/Tech Storeman/Rechy Mech/RS/Armourer of decent standing should be able to relate a few tales,
    pull up a sandbag and let it commence.............
  2. Remember Paddy behind the bar had to make a quick exit by darkness!!!
  3. thought it was shut down? i'm sure it was empty on my class1 in 02
  4. No sorry not much, in my day on basic, it was the Pigpen (Country Club), now that was a classy joint!
  5. Pig Pen in my day.

    One of our upgrader course man tests when leaving the Pig Pen pi**ed used to be to pi** as far as you could from the end of the entrance road to the curb on the lindford road without shi**ing yourself.

    Drink loads of ale, line up on the road and start pi**ing and walking at the same time. Once practiced in the art we could normally make it to the curb on the Linford road(about 30 M). Had to be careful though, as too much pushing towards the end would result in walking back to the block with a lump in the back of your pants, if you know what i mean(follow through). I always managed to stop before it went that far, or gave up when i felt the turtles head appear, but i remember a few of the guys having to stop off on the way back to empty the contents, after said accident.

    Those were the days.
  6. Spent an awful lot of time there 96-98 doing very awful karaoke. Laughed at all the blokes that pulled by Janet, the scary one that looked like Eddie Izzard; that was until I woke up on top of her in her mate's living room, with her mate's son on the sofa asleep (maybe!?) while her son was upstairs giveng her mate the good news!

    And who could forget Judy the moose? Certainly not me or Themanwho.

    Then there was the strippers on a Tuesday night. Dwane-o, Tolly, remember her snake?

    And Karen Silky-Chocolate, the pretty half-caste girl with four kids all to different dads.
  7. ah..... the Pig Pen, my memories of being an 18yr old Cfn and seeing women parade around naked! Bliss!! I think i can still smell the baby lotion now! :D

    It's now a repectable joint, run by an older couple. Last time i was there the Landlady had her eastern european neice over working. For some reason i was in there a lot!

    The Queens brings back memories of Class 1. The stable diet of 3 cookhouse meals, 10 pints and a Church kebab every night for 6 months brought me 4 stone in weight, a £1500 bank loan, a £1000 overdraft. Oh, and a divorce on my return to Germany........ i must thank Paddy if i ever see him again!

    Anyone else notice that wall in the Queens car park was a perfect height for nocturnal activities?!! :D :D
  8. i dont think that eastern european was her niece, there were three of them there at one point and two were being lined up to marry squaddies.
  9. Ah, Tiff Cse 96-98... Scare-e-oke at the Queens. And not forgetting the Pissfield Oak!
  10. one of them definately was, the dark haired one with gravity defying breasts. The landlady was from Poland or somewhere round that neck of the woods.
  11. Didn't take long for the Aussie barstaff to move in. Bloody Aussie barstaff.
  12. My party trick on my SMC was to stand up on one of the tables in the Queens' and take my pants down; however; I have alwways tucked my shirt in to my underpants since i was a little boy as it keeps your shirt from riding up.
    Did not realise until i looked down why the whole place was rolling around laughing.
  13. ... And not a single one of them mine! Mind you I wouldn't be too confident of a DNA test coming back negative if there's now a number five.... 8O

    I do remember it was a long run back from her house in Liss, particularly when we were taking the Basics for PT in the morning.
  14. Was she the one that had hair by Vidal Monsoon? Ie someone had lobbed a thunderflash at her head? Oh she was "cuddly" as well?

    PS- i never boned her!

    What happened to Peroxide Pat and the spin that her mate had HIV?

    PPS - Didn't bone them either!
  15. Her mate was definately cuddly, but she wasn't that bad body wise, if you could see passed the tattoos and facial resemblence to Eddie Izzard.