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Duh! Goes without saying.
And quite rightly too.

Who else has seen in and out more PMs? Who is probably one of the worlds, if not the worlds best diplomat with the most experience at dealing with everyone from Idi Amin to Ronnie Reagan?

The Queen always presents the country in the best possible light and is more than an Ambassador to the people she serves.

Civilised and not so civilised countries would give anything to have an institution and figure head half as good as our Betty.

Makes you proud dont it?

(Standing up as I type, Your Majesty ;) )
Was really concerned Williams might win this but I'm glad the nation still has it's collective common sense. Well done and rightly so!
she has done a fairly good job of it , so well deserved I would say.
I agree 100 % , Well done Your Majesty. As for the other votes, well its seriously beggars belief as to what the state of the nation is in. I mean no disrespect to Mr Mc Cartney or Mr Williams, both are fine musicians, composers, showmen (More so for Mr W but he is still talented) but to put them alongside Our Queen is almost a travesty in itself. It really should be a one horse race, no one else in the nation has actually given a damn across the board for such a long time and that certainly wins my vote, thanks to the democracy nowadays though just think how her grandson feels knowing grandma and grandad went to war and he didn't. Can you imagine what PtG would say? lol. Well Done Queen Elizabeth, Long May You Reign!
stellawifebeater? said:
We dont all think like this do we?

Robbie Williams 33%

The Queen 37%
A rampant egotist in drug rehabilitation versus the Sovereign of our nation with over half a decade of unsullied service to the country, and the result is a narrow win by four percent.

No wifebeater, we don't all think like that. However it seems that a disturbingly large number of burberry-wearers do. And they're the ones that respond to these polls using their often stolen or cloned mobile phones.
I'm not a monarchist (obviously), but I certainly do have the very greatest respect for Aunt Betty, and indeed the rest of the Royal Family. The staunch and unfailing support they all give to the British Armed Forces is truly exemplary and shows the true colours of such slimy cünts as Phoney Tony and the Dooor Brooon.

But how a fückin' hopeless nasal warbler like Williams even got anywhere near her in the stakes is quite astonishing. What were the Brits thinking?

Bugsy, a genuine question for you if you don't mind.

Why are you obviously not a monarchist? Yes, from your avatar I see you're Irish but what has that to do with the UK?

Just curious.
Her majesty without a doubt.

I also have a large amount of respect for her grandsons. Even given Harry's wild years, he has proved himself a man of charactor , even with his handicap (being an illegitimate Gwar).

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