The QEMH, Gods posting!

The QEMH: a place of true heaven?

  • Oh my god yes! I was used and abused by a QA on many an occasion.

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  • It certainly was good but my 2 heads stopped me getting my leg over.

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  • Worst place ever for me, no chance of a leg over as I was a geek.

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  • I was a rug muncher and loved every bit of it!!!!!!

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To those of us who were lucky to have been sent there, it was a heavenly place to go as a young man.

Woman out-numbered us greatly, the beer was cold and cheap(ish), there were good pubs only a bus ride away and there was no stupid muster parades etc to contend with!!!!

So, tell us all about the good times and any bad times you had!
Woolwich really was the entertainment and shagfest capital of the world in the late 80s/early 90s (before the NAAFI put a TV in the bar and the kids turned up with play stations).
The friday night trips to the Fox & Firken, getting back in time for the bar and lights extension in the 5-1 club before being dragged away by some wanton woman for a night of sometimes painfull passion (slop jockey girl, I am physically scarred!!)
Many was the time I was dragged out of there by a hussy of a QA. It did me no harm and thats what is lacking in todays AMS-no bloody QEMH!

Bring back the military hospitals! Bring back the NAAFI bars of old!

Remember the allegations in the Sun about orgies in the bar? 8)
i remember that, hehe. cant believe that all bar one got away with that 'incident'. shoddy Army legal service I believe. (alledgedly)
then theres the christmas and summer balls, getting leathered with the lads until the end of the night and then mopping up the female stragglers as they sit watching their mates go off with blokes who'd spent the night and loads of cash trying to do what youre about to do with out spending a penny :D


dui-lai said:
Its that, that turned us into the respectable old soldiers we now are :?
It did? Excellent!

You should get a QEMH reunion and see how 20 years has been unkind to the QA, where we have now become distinguished!
itd have to be a big venue to fit all of those '20 years later' arrses in.
it was for the hard of hearing
dui-lai said:
Some are now so big, you had to say it twice!
Guys get this I was recently in an appointment where my Director was female OF 5 and all the others were female - Large all were in special sizes - in fact the competition was who could wear the largest with their shirt tucked in yuk ??????

AND I could put a bet on when they would take time OFF for womens problems !!!!! for two days each month out of 5 women I was nearly on my own !!! and now I am talking like them

sad I know
but do you have any Woolwich tales? drinking beer, eating lard, getting nailed, that sort of thing?
Was the QEMH a great posting????????

If you are the kind of person who feels that:

- Excessive alchohol intake is "fun".

- One night stands are a "good" thing.

- Promiscuity is big & clever!

- Taking advantage of young QA`s who barely weeks before were under the protective influence of their parents is a grown up way to behave!

- Shagging when neither participant expects (or wants) the relationship to last till the hangover kicks in is socially responsible.

- Being used as a womans plaything (but without batteries) & being discarded in the morning with only a cup of coffee as thanks fulfills your emotional needs!

I personally am that kind of person and bloody loved my years there.

Bring back the QE!!

p.s. A reunion isn`t a half bad idea!!
Stories, let me think.

Lets start with a clean one.

There was the incident when a posse of young QA girlies roamed the grounds of the QE in search of a small furry thing, calling "Poon-tang, Poon-tang" as they searched.

Perhaps Dui - Lai would be kind enough to explain how this came about (& how eventually a kettle became involved in this sad tale).
TomB said:
being discarded in the morning with only a cup of coffee as thanks fulfills your emotional needs!
you got coffee???

TomB said:
A reunion isn`t a half bad idea!!
What a fantastic idea :D
you got coffee???

Well you couldn`t go to work without some kind of mouthwash could you! :D
You should have seen the state of the mattresses from menstrual mansion. Some of the stains looked like maps of the USA. I know, as i was given the great job of shutting the sh*t hole down. :lol: :lol:

Great times were had by all :twisted: :twisted:
When you say "mattresses" do you mean "real mattresses" with springs & stuff or are we back to talking about some of the more hospitable lasses?

The DNA from the springy kind would have kept the team at CSI busy for a couple of series.
Right, complaint here I am afraid. Your poll is much too sexist and does not apply to any female participants (unless they are lesbian of course).

I would also be interested in a Woolwich reunion, although I promise I have not got an fat arrse. I also have all my hair and it is still its original colour, unlike most of the men who will be there I suspect.

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