Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 2, 2009.

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    So who has written it?

    Ahhh... an intelligence officer and no doubt a 'sincere friend' of Russia.

    Edit to add. It appears that I'm right

    Mr.Peters has interesting view:

    ... ant those sly Russians don't want to be our friends...
  2. As my Grandmother used to say, 'never trust a Bolshevik!!'
  3. You know a lot about int, don't you Sergei? :wink:
  4. Ah, right so an Intelligence officer has no right to express an opinion on a subject directly related to his job then? Or do you think FSB agents giving briefings to putin & Medvedev should be ignored because they're possibly biased against America? It may not be the Cold War but theres been geopolitical competition between Russia and the West for centuries, the Cold War was nothing new and this is just back to business as normal...
  5. Yet another ****ing yank, with his own agenda and primitive and blinkered views of the world... what a fecking surprise!

    We should just all nuke USA and rid the world of these wingeing, weak and pathetic losers. *end of rant.
  6. LOL! You accuse the yanks of having a primitive view of the world and then say that! Oh the irony!
  7. I'm just fecking sick of Americans with their HUGE chip on their shoulders, having a go at Russia and Europe every time they don't get their way. Going on and on about the new cold war and how Putin is trying to "screw" them. Get a fecking grip.... :x
  8. He has this right of course. Moreover, I see his opinion as interestring and worth to be discussed.

    these two dwarves? Second one is no more that a statist.

    I agree with many points, even with this perl

    However, I would like to hold another question. Why the Russians don't want to be friends? Maybe because the Americans don't want to be friends as well?
  9. I love unbiased, impartial articles like this. The Ivans want the Septics out of their backyard. That seems fairy nuff to me. I wonder how the Septics would react if the Ivans established an airbase in Mexico.

    This was also interesting:
    It was the Georgians who kicked off the war in the first place, thinking that the Septics would pitch in. And Georgia is anything but democratic. In addition, the Septic kit that was seized was actually being imported, not exported, and was meant for the Georgian army. That's why the Ivans nicked it - spoils of war.

    I get the impression that the Septics still haven't managed to shake off their Cold War mindset (and their delusions of grandeur).

  10. Because the americans are weapons grade arsseholes? And the russians are obviously bright enough to recognise this fact.
  11. Me? I'm absolutely unexperienced on these matters. :D
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    So what about Cuba then? :?
  13. To quote one Simpson, Bart on such matters ... "Well, duh!"

    One strand of US foreign policy, whether they admit to it or not, is to keep Europe divided so it cannot emerge as a competitor. In crude terms this means keeping Russia outside NATO and the EU. Hence the post Cold War willingness in Washington to surround the Rodina with vengeful nations and help them settle old scores - sorry, I meant free democratic countries, who just happen to have ABM radars.

    Nice idea, but the utter stupidity of US foreign policy post 9/11 has rather kicked the legs out from under it. To succeed in Iraq and draw down they need Iran to co-operate, although you'll rarely hear them admit this. And that means they need Russia to stop stirring the pot. Again, in Afghanistan they have to face the reality that keeping supply lines open to AFG as Pakistan implodes requires Russia on side. And then there's India, all the 'stans ... it all comes back to Russia.

    The recent Munich conference was the US talking tough - and lo and behold, Iran go ahead and "commission" a reactor. If the US push, Russia will push back and in a manner that will really hurt the US. Imagine if a few modern MANPADS ended up in AFG ? I bet there's a good few afghantsi in the Russian Army begging for some payback.

    The author is correct, the US has no idea how to deal with Russia as the US has been stupid enough to back themselves into a corner.
  14. But even then, in the Sixties, Cuba was some 90 miles from the US, Ord_ Sarge. I mean a military airbase about ten clicks from the Texas border on Mexican soil, and then watch how the Septics get really twitchy.

    They don't like it up 'em! :D

    What really pisses me off about the Septics at times is that they've no mind to listen to any criticism AT ALL! Even if it's constructive.