The Public Support for the Cause in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Knightwars4, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. The war in Afghanistan. How has the public support for the cause in Afghanistan stood since it's inception in 2001?
    Has it wavered, bolstered or remained stable? As time ticks along and events unfold, how has the support for the Cause changed? Are we now looking to withdraw or what?

    This is all contributing towards my A* in English in form of a written argument concerning the above.

    I'm also reading 3 Para and Ground Truth, both by Patrick Bishop for some Intel on all this.
  2. can I give a suggestion, if I was doing something like this wanting to know the opinions of civvies about the war I would rustle up a survey and take it to the populace, not ask people on here.

    personally I think it has grown from how it was at the start but that's my personal opinion but the most accurate way to find out what you need to is to create an opinion poll and post it on Facebook and things like that.

    and as to asking are we looking to withdraw will make everyone on here think you are a journalist and you will be told to F*CK off also that kind of question is like hard to answer the best thing to do would be research on the old tinternet. good luck with your English course work( even though course work is pointless and shit)
  3. I think the public are more supportive of the war overall in comparison to Iraq, not much more I can say though really if I'm honest.
  4. agreed people disapproved of Iraq for many reasons yet with Afghanistan its different because really people do not see the economic possibilities from it so the government cant profit from it
  5. I don't think the public are supportive of the war at all. Rather, some are supporting those lads and lasses fighting over there. Those that do have generally been very consistent over the years. I don't honestly think that the civvy populace pay it any attention unless someone dies, and that's provided it doesn't interfere with their X factor updates. Out of sight out of mind seems an apt response to your question, unless you have a loved one over there. I suppose that the media has some role in this because it is they who feed the public consciousness in all this, and keep the masses fed with news.
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  6. that has to be the best answer anyone could give that is bang on the money if it was my course work i would steal that
  7. That's more or less the picture Patrick Bishop drew in his books.

    As we say in the ACF. Your switched on.