The Provosts Cane...

(or the rather stocky and gruff arm of the "Law")

A question to all you seasoned soldiers out there...
What do you think the best punishment you've ever seen: The most funny, gut-wrenching or thank-feck-that-was'nt-me kind of thing.

Go on...

Tell us.


Why? Looking for material?

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Yeah, but that was on the roof of a Bedford heading down the 33 to Sennelager.
Biscuits_AB said:
Yeah, but that was on the roof of a Bedford heading down the 33 to Sennelager.
I spent a lot of time in the press up position at Sennelager but i only moved my hips :D
But the times i was in the 3/4 prone position wasn't so much fun 8O
Our guardroom residents used to have to clean all the paint off their tin lid and a waste paper bin then polish them. The next day they would have to paint them in matching colours (Selected by the RSM). This was included in their admin for the next day’s inspection. They also had to carry a small log with their name painted on it and a Land Rover tyre everywhere they went.
Some of our civvy workers in the sergeant's mess phoned the police because they though the badge was trying to kill some SUS during a beasting.
The stupidest punishment I ever saw was when I was on RP duty an APTI made a couple of SUS go through a water obstacle (the thing with a shallow concrete paddling pool with wires over it so you have to go underwater to get through the obstacle). Which was closed on health grounds by the Med officer, it had blue algae in it and was not clever at all.
Was taken into the cookhouse and introduced to the kitchen hotplates.
I was informed that I had been granted the honour of cleaning them.

My cleaning utensil was a house brick.

The SS had nothing on the ACC for sadism.
I cant think of any, they were all bone, stupid and my my opinion pointless because I never did anything wrong and didnt deserve them :)

Having to dive off the side of a small cliff into the heather and gorse below as if shot by the DS using different pretend weapons springs to mind though. The worse your attempt, the more they made you do it and in the end, just threw me off anyway as I was a shoite actor.

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