The pros and cons of the French

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, May 27, 2006.

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  1. Pro: Cheap wine

    Con: Frog eating wankers

  2. French maids? Pro surely...
  3. ..... only if you don't mind hairy armpits!
  4. I'll admit some of the French ladies can be quite tasty. And the accent serves them well. However, the accent on the men and the sheer indignation I feel knowing that they are French greatly outways any attraction to the French females.

    Remember, there are plenty of other countries out there with pretty ladies with silly accents. If France were to dissappear, would you even notice?
  5. the Pros are the women.............. the Cons are the men.
  6. Top post. :D
  7. They don't shave (men or women), their day's consist of none stop smoking/drinking/eating/shaging someone elses bloke/bird.

    Appart from the fact that they're French, that dosen't sound so bad to me! 8)
  8. Pro: A country to dislike not trust and take the piss out of.
    Con: Those feckin breakfasts. I want a fry up, i get some bread cheese and ham ffs.
    And their lager is always flat.
  9. pro its 22 miles away from our country and not joined on

    cons its full of french people

  10. I couldn't have put it any better myself.......well done that man.. :lol:
  11. Pros: Normandy

    Cons: Paris

    Always have a great time in the former, can't fcuking stand the latter.

    p.s. I like garlic.
  12. Pro: They are so disliked that they take some of the heat off us. Even the Septics can't stand the yellow backed, hairy, soap-dodging tossers.

    Con: Where do I start. Oh, I know - the French, The French and, ummmmm - The French.
  13. If anyone has the misfortune to go to France and gets involved in a dispute with one of the locals, could you test out the following phrase:

    "Je croix que votre grand-pere n'etait pas vraiment dans la Resistance, si?
    ("I don't truly believe that your grandfather was a member of the Resistance, is that right?")

    And let me know how you got on. :twisted:
  14. We are colonizing vast portions of the place. Is that a pro or a con do you think?

    And if the French are so sophisticated, why do they keep flogging us ripe-for-renovation gites for bugger-all and prefer to live in Gallic Bovis Homes?
  15. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Before you completely write off the French, look at this.
    (takes a little time to load, but worth it)