The proposed new crime bill, it could affect you!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alpha1, Jun 10, 2005.

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    The proposed new crime bill that the home secretary is trying to rush through parliament will in effect instantly criminalise thousands of law abiding people in the UK. Basically anyone who owns anything that looks like it could be a gun is at risk of prosecution, this includes toys, such as airsoft guns, deactivated weapons and yesa, even the cowboy cap gun you bought little joey for Christmas.. I have sent the following to a lot of people over the last day or so, please spead the word and sign the petition.

    Without going into the politics of this too much, we all agree that gun crime needs to be sorted out in this country but this is NOT the way to do it...

    Having read many articles and forum threads relating to this proposed new crime bill the conclusion that I have drawn from this is that we MUST unite. All our comments on the subject should be in the same place not spread around different forums, Our petition should be one and the same not lots of different ones arguing the same point. This bill will not only affect YOU in YOUR sport or past time, it will affect hundreds of thousands of law abiding people across the UK.

    I am asking you, with the permission of your forum Mods to move your comments to this one site so that we can show a united stance against this unwarranted knee-jerk act. I am sending this to all the forums that I know and everybody I know within my sport, Please do the same. We MUST get our message across…

    I understand that many of you have already been asked to sign a petition against this proposed ban, Im sorry guys but Im asking you to do it again, and in the comments bar please put your sport or past time so that we don’t miss any group out there.
    This IS important..

    Thank you for your support
  2. Asking us again, yet it's your first post?

    Personally, I find replicas and air-soft guns rather walt-ish. If it prevents a couple of coppers from being prosecuted for shooting some chav who had one then I'm for it. The rulings on knives are pretty crap and appear to be un-enforceable.
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Yet as Mike Mcc has correctly pointed out: "Yet it's your first post?"

    Either you are trying to get people to add their signatures twice (unethical, dishonest and frankly a cheap trick) or you were chased out of this site for being a kn0b.

    Either way, don't expect much sympathy.
  4. To be fair, he's probably just sending out a standard message to as many boards and forums as he can and there's nothing wrong with harnessing the internet to raise a petition in the normal democratic way. The problem is that you could have every signature in the country on there and this government would still ignore it because as far as they are concerned they were given a mandate by the people a couple of weeks ago and now they have free rein to do whatever they damn well please.

    Secondly, privacy issues. Being able to view the names means I for one wouldn't sign it.
  5. I think that the point is we gave in to the Gov't over semi auto rifles, many people said I don't shoot them, so let them, It'll stop them from taking anything else....then the handguns went, now replicas etc whats going next month, next year..deacts, crossbows, bayonets, toy guns, books about guns, militaria, black powder shooters.....this bunch ot tossers don't ever stop they'll always be trying to ban something ....
  6. You saved me from saying the same thing matey.

    First they came for the "insert item here"and I did not protest......... :(
  7. The problem of course with the post Dunblane ban on various types of firearm was this;

    Generally law abiding folks who actually registered their guns and submitted to a system of licencing and checks were penalised.

    The scrotes, with whom I regularly deal, were not affected in any whatsoever. They didn't licence their stuff anyway. Result, Now only criminals have handguns.

    The laws we had in place were perfectly adequate (Once carrying an offensive weapon was made arrestable) the new stuff has made no difference at all.

    I was informed by an american bobby that since handguns were banned, gun crime figures have risen (I don't know his source) and I wouldn't be surprised if this was in fact the case.
  8. Yes, it's true that the firearms offence rate has gone up significantly - google for it, or search the telegraph.
  9. its a rediclous law like alot of the ones brought in by labour and wont make any difference to the criminals and just stops people doing what ever hobby that they do if it involves the safe and aportient use of a firearm