the proper way to do it.

Well done the RRW , and a great Photo Study.

Note to Spams. Do you see where the trigger fingers are? :p
good job they didnt come under fire, huddled together taking cover behind railings, one burst of fire and the RRW would have had some promotion vacancies.

but seriously, well done lads
Appropriate I think that it was the RRW, as they were the first Battalion to go to Ireland as 'Spearpoint' in 1969. (other regiments were there on normal postings, and the RRW went straight into Londonderry) They are still leading the way years later. A bloody good Regiment, as I found out when they trained the unit I was serving in for an Op Banner Roulement tour in 1982.

'Cyrmu Am Byth'

Happy in Elmpt
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