The proof's in the pudding.............................eaters !

The Mail thinks fat birds being easier and married men who are cheating on their wives wanting to shag and not have a romantic date is news? Have they cracked the ursine defecation/areas high in tree numbers conundrum yet?
Not exactly new News is it.

Always seemed to end up with the SpaceHoppers, they were very grateful................


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You've had a picture of my balls, if you want a cock picture I'll happily oblige.
Why would he want a picture of a chicken? And No Jarrod, not that type of chicken.


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You'll be fine.

Not sure about all this 'first date' thing. I haven't read it all, but does it have any stats about just randomly meeting some lardy in a boozer and shagging her?

These stats seem very skewed in the fact that married men actually have the ability to arrange a 'date'. I thought we all just went for it in a hap-hazard numbers-game the moment we closed the front door behind us?
it has nothing to do with how fat they are, and all to do with low self esteem.

obviously fat chicks have low self esteem, aswell as chicks who've just been dumped, have a dickhead for a boyfriend, are thick, or fake tits.

with blokes it's the exact opposite.


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As a married man in name only I can honestly admit that I would shag the crack of dawn if I had the opportunity,

So if any of you nice ladies fancy a bunk up PM me.

Even if your a tad lardy.

But not ginger.

Or a geordie.

Make sure you wash your lady bits though.

As a married man in name only I can honestly admit that I would shag the crack of dawn if . . . only I could get up early enough!
Opportunity is abound; it's grit, determination and a good alarm clock that'll see you right
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