The Promise- Para's in Palestine

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Gooner1988, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. A drama starting on Channel 4 on the 6th February. Just saw an advert for this now. Hopefully this isn't a bunch of Jew sympathising drivel. I'm personally looking forward to this because my Grandad served out there and his experiences were anything but pleasant. Glad to see the media finally give it some recognition!
  2. Watch it if you haven't already its pretty good so far, as the first episode has portrayed a fairly open argument.

    The Promise - 4oD - Channel 4
  3. Good to see it was fairly accurate in terms of uniform etc noticed the dog tags were correct small stuff like that normally get overlooked
  4. See the thread in the Intelligence Cell on same subject!
  5. I am after a copy of this to send to someone in the states. They are unable to view it on 4od and I have tried using orbit downloader to download it which did not work. I anyone has any ideas I would be grateful. Thanks
  6. Great I will buy it myself, never knew it was out cheers
  7. Cheers for that. Forgot about the DVD release. A seriously good series from Peter Kosminsky as borne out by the comments by ARRSErs on the thread.
  8. There's hardly a thing in the British media as 'Jew sympathizing drivel' as you so eloquently put it.