The Promise - Channel 4 (6 AB Div in Palestine)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. Just seen a trailer for this prog starting on Channel 4 next week with what seems like a fair bit focussed on the Para Regt and 6 AB DIV in Palestine in 1946.

    The Promise - Channel 4

    Will this be like the rest of Channel 4's offerings with regard to the British Army and make out that all the Middle East woes are Airborne based?! Or, will they surprise us and be impartial?

    Brief resume of 6 AB in Palestine:

    6th Airborne Division In Palestine
  2. I've read an interview with the director. Apparently he made some programme called 'The Warriors'. Which is about the British Army in Bosnia I do believe. After he made this he got a letter from an ex-Para, who served in Palestine, who said he enjoyed the show, then he said at the end of the letter "You should do a film about British soldiers in Palestine? No-one remembers us". So he's cracked on with it. From the interview it comes across that he will definitely show how rough a time the British soldiers had out there, and not some anti-Imperialistic bollocks that we usually have to put up with.

    Claire Foy Source — • • Peter Kosminsky: Britain’s humiliation in Palestine
  3. If that's the case then it should be good as 'Warriors' was outstanding.
    Have to wait and see!
  4. Seconded.

    I saw the teaser trailer a few weeks back and it looked to be about a young girl in the modern era. I caught the full trailer last night with the Para Regt bits and thought I'd give it a go. If its anything like Warriors then I should finally have something to watch on a Sunday night.
  5. Didn't Frank Carson serve in Palestine?
  6. and bernard cribbens?
  7. Not sure, he didn't join until the 50's I believe.

    No idea! Maybe he went there in a TARDIS!
  8. Anyone watch this? I personally thought it was a great opener. Less interested in the whiney little bitch in the modern parts, although still doing a good job at showing the present situation. Great acting from the Northern lad playing the Sgt. Fucked up how them lads were killed, even darker stuff to come. Look forward to the next episodes. Good to finally see my Grandad and the 100,000 others get their story told.
  9. Its a good start presents a open argument and (pigs flyby) the berets were shaped amazing.
  10. Just watched the first part having recorded. As has been said the grandaughter wears a face like a slapped arse the whole time, was actually hoping she was going to wander back into the cafe just before the suicide bombing, but the 1940s plot seems very interesting and will hopefully stay as is and not veer into melodrama.
  11. So far pretty good. The modern day locations and atmosphere are excellent and the 1945 era is well captured. I guess most of the guys playing paras are ex-IDF (It is a joint UK/Israel production) so know how to wear a beret - pity that they didn't advise some of those playing bigger parts. Some of the weapon handling was a bit iffy (holding Sten by magazine etc) and I thought I saw a Ferret (but it could have been a Dingo). I doubt that some of the operations shown would not have had an officer present, but it is possible that the Sgt telling the story was a Pln Sgt of a sub unit without a Pln Comd. Overall, though, it seemed pretty well researched to me, more authentic than many TV offerings, and trying to show all sides of the problem.
  12. Not at all bad, though I, too, remarked on the absence of officers at times, and some modern idiom seemed to have crept into one or two of the post-war scenes. And the blurb in the Telegraph banged on about the "attention to detail" in this "fearsomely well-researched" programme, so I was a bit underwhelmed to read, in an article by the director in the same paper, that Sgt Matthews is a member of the Paratroop Regiment. Mr Kosminsky seems to be a graduate of the Cyclops School of Military Accuracy.
  13. I believe thats what they call character development she's ment to be a spoilt selfish bitch but as the story progresses and she uncovers more of her grandfathers past her attitude will change. The end of the series will see probably see her laying flowers and beret at the olds mans grave with a newfound respect. whoops sorry spoilers!
  14. The girl also acts as a way of explaining the story to those with no knowledge of the area. You learn as she does sort of thing. Her part of the story got in the way of the more interesting 1940's story but from the previews I've seen it looks as though her part of the story will pick up in the coming weeks.Really enjoying it so far.

    Anyone notice the lad that killed himself in "The Accused" pop up as a para? Fcuking hope Gareth from the office doesnt turn up!!
  15. I am sure that I noticed (aged eyes permitting) that the 1945 gravestone showed "Parachute Regiment" - but then spoilt it with the following row reading "Army Air Corps"! Still, mustn't quibble. Overall a B+

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