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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Cpt_Darling, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Well hopefully that title got people interested!

    With 6N kicking off, and following on from last years 6N and autumn tests, I fully expect to see large portions of the game devoted to resetting scrums, which if you're watching the game, is frankly boring!(and I say this as a hooker!)

    So the question for the experts of arrse, how would you speed up/solve the problems of the scrum? Bindings, feeds, timing of the call etc. etc.
  2. Simple, just go back to how we originally had it... scrum goes down, front rows bind in, no shoving until the ball comes in and, finally, put the ****** in straight!

    'Ready ready NOW' springs to memory.

  3. Yeah 'cos that'll stop it straight away.

    Get rid of the flankers,have a ball turn around every 6 "phases",only give 1 point for a penalty kick and 2 for a conversion,make the scrums uncontested and bin lineouts.........hang on.. :)
  4. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Straight feeds would be a start, was refing an U15 game last week and the look I got when I pinged the first scrum as the ball went straight to the second row. Did make for an afternoon of reasonably straight put ins after that.

    The use of CTPE, does help the setting of a scrum as long as there are not long pauses either side of "pause" if you know what I mean, CTPE should be fairly fast.

    Shoulder above hips, square driving and proper binds. Of course, in playing days, at tight head, I did all of thses things! :)

    Far easier to penalise who goes up first that who goes down. I enjoy scrums, I don't mind seeing them reset if they have broken down for a legitimate reason. But the ref has the option of free kicks and penalties if he chooses.

    I hate when you see a steady scrum at team A's put in, but it's all over the place when it comes to B's. In my opinion the skullduggery is then being committed by A.
  5. 5 Tackles and boot Rugby League. God you "Rogby Leeg" supporters are a chippy unhumourous bunch. About as dull as your bloody niche game.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I left the game as a player 20 years ago and in many aspects its unrecognisable, almost as unrecognisable as American Football or league!
  7. Make a note Darling Fullbacks to be Armed with Heavy Machine Guns!
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    How true.

    There are things allowed now which would have had the refs foaming at the mouth in my day. Things such as the player tackled and on the ground holding the ball in the air for the scrum half to get his hands on - that would have been classed as playing the ball after tackle in my day (Harrumph, rustles broadsheet newspaper, mutters under breath)
  9. Pity they got rid of the "shoeings", cough I mean damned good rucking, to the poor sod who was lying on the wrong side.
  10. I didn't realize we'd started playing stereotypes.

    Rugby Union: sport for fat people.
    Were you bullied at Prep school then Tarquin?
  11. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Young Fang is extremely disappointed if he comes home from a game without stud marks! Not that he lies on the wrong side but his little hookers paws are often where they shouldn't be!
    And he's especially proud when he's gotten away with it and I've been reffing.
  12. A quote from the late, great Bill Mclaren, after one player was carried off with blood pouring down his face;

    "Aye, many a strange and terrible thing happens in the dark recesses of the Scrum..."
  13. No But I'm a Yorkshireman so I got very very bored over 20 years with Rugby League people telling me how great their bloody game is, and how shite Union is. I notice you've started your own thread. Notice how I haven't gone on it telling all and sundry how crap it is.
  14. You're a Yorkshireman but you have a pop at people with a Northern accent. Are you from some part of the county I'm not familiar with - St John's Wood or the like?

    I think only one person has slagged off Union but why let the facts get in the way?
    As for League being a "niche" game:

    Leeds Carnegie ~ Aviva Premiership team, 2010-11 home average attendance under 7000
    Leeds Rhinos ~ Super League team, 2010 home average attendance over 15000

    Same Stadium too. Chippy indeed.
  15. Re the accent quip. Its called self depricating humour.

    The leeds carnegie v Rhinos. Oh there's a good analogy. How about I try total attendance at the Rugby Union World Cup V Rugby League World Cup. Or Harlequins RU attendance Vs Harlequins RL attendance. I never said League wasn't popular in West Yorkshire and amongst those heathens the other side of the Pennines. Chucking donkeys off bell towers is popular in one part of Spain, doesn't make it any less niche a form of animal cruelty compared to stabbing bulls over the whole country.

    Only one person slagged off Union. Aye, but you're here too on a "Problem with Rugby Union" thread with your whining "If only they could see, if only they would love us, then those Union boys would recognise the error of their ways and come to the fold". And its not like you aren't on the other threads banging on about how League players are fitter and give women longer orgasms or something. Why can't League fans stick to their circle jerk "Oh, if it wasn't for the Nazis everybody in France would be playing League rather than Union" conspiracy forums. Why do they feel compelled to put their League 4 pennies worth every time anybody on the internet starts talking Rugby. Like Pavlov's dog, drooling every time you hear the Rugby Union bell somewhere in cyberspace. As I said on another decent talk about Rugby union diverted by gobshite League people popping up like a bad dose of recurring Chlamydia, you people are like Scientologists, unable to shut the hell up about your wierd hobby.

    I haven't bothered to post on your Top XIII League players thread because I'm just not interested in your game. When I post a thread about Armour in Afghanistan, that's because I'm interested in your opinion on that topic, I don't want a bunch of cock clag about how a Harrier is faster than a Challenger II on said topic. I'm especially not bothered about giving you my opinion of League on a League forum. Please do feel free to return the favour.