The privaliged are taking the p1ss.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tubbs1970, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Yes, lets do it!

  2. Nah, there's summit good on telly

  1. Polititians fiddling expenses then claiming legal aid.

    Legal system charging the tax payer £25million to convict over theft of £1.75million.

    Bankers still getting their bonuses

    Cancer Research Charity gambling (stock market) losses in 07/08 were £26million (page 19 of their annual report).

    £99million accounting charges in 06/07 (page 15 of 07/08 annual report).

    That is £125million of Cancer Research money going to bankers and accountants.

    I could go on, but would welcome your contributions...
  2. Ok, here's mine: do fcuk off.

    Please don't.
  3. Oh Stanley, you can be so brusque at times :)

    So you don't mind financing the privilaged classes, whilst the armed forces get continually short changed?
  4. I think the privileged classes aren't subsidised enough. They should get grants towards cars if they have less than five Rolls, and 'salt-of-the-earth' working-class scum like yourself should be put to national service tending the upper-class's gardens. It's character-building and it puts your uppity type in his natural, grovelling place. Of course, I'm not upper-class myself, I'm middle class and went to a grammar school - but I'd be very happy to do that national service, as a sort of lieutenant or foreman, so I can boss little people like you around. Now trim that fcuking hedge, you chav!
  5. Cheers Grape, the debate needed a bit of perspective! Did make me laugh

    (Don't tell anyone but i went to grammar school too - a free education)

    Now bout this hedge of urs...
  6. P*ss off. Waste of space.
  7. I can see where tubbs is coming from though and he is right they really should put a bit more money into education.

    Spelling or how to use a spell checker would be favourite. :twisted:
  8. its privileged you doss cunt

    P R I V I L E G E D

    now do you want to start again with your rant? :twisted:
  9. Oh, so sharp Steven, i can see you were regular contributor at the debating society. Yep, i am dyslexic and too lazy to use a spell checker at times, but i think you got the message, right?

    Thanks for the spell check nebapneb, but this is about passion, not punctuation.
  10. You are bugsy or his twin brother.
  11. Are you jealous of people who can speak well?
  12. Since when was the new term for lazy uneducated twat dyslexic?
  13. Hmmmmm - if I had a pound for every time some ignorant muppet played the dyslexia card on a forum after being pulled up for laziness and/or lax spelling.....