The Prisoner remake next week

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Virgil, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Next week American Movie Classics (AMC) is running a mini-series remake of the Prisoner.

    While, yes, you Brits are a silly people in your tweed jackets, repressed homosexual upper-class, quaint little shops, smoking pipes like Hobbits and speaking English with cute little accents you did a fine job with the Original. Was a remake frickin' necessary?

    Advance reviews are mixed.
  2. And you, Sir, have a very silly name.

    But that aside, will he still drive a Caterham 7?
  3. no mini mokes? no comment!
  4. Stick to "Ice station zebra"
  5. Who is playing the title roll? Dick Van Dyke with a faux English accent?
  6. Wasn't it a Lotus?
  7. yeah, but 'who is number 1' ?
  8. Correctamundo, don't know how many were made, a classic from day one.I'm sure Caterhams are very good,but you know purists (and pedants)... :roll:
  9. Apparently Gandalf is playing (Ian Mc'whatshisname) Number 1 and it's set in a German village in Namibia not Wales.
  11. Do you find out what makes these things tick? They gave me nightmares at the time.

  12. How the F*** can they do it without Portmerion, Oh ,the bloke who built it was in the Tanks in WW1
  13. It's bound to be bollocks!
  14. The original was a classic that has stood the test of time and has long ago reached iconic status. The trouble is that the American Film Industry seem to think that they can take any British film and improve on it. I don't see them rushing to remake the Wizard of Oz or Gone With The Wind. There again, I suppose that any nation that can take Romeo and Juliet and turn it in to West Side Story deserve all they get, bunch of Philistines.
  15. It will probably be as disappointing as every other remake, but I'll still watch it. Hope triumphs over experience.