The Princess Royals helicopter.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bovvy, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. I just saw/heard on the news that the Princess Royal escaped a helicopter fire this afternoon:

    In another link there is a photo of the helicopter she had in 2001:

    What I am particularly interested in, if anyone knows, is what sort of helicopter did she have in 1996/1997 (not entirely sure on year)?
    At that time, her helicopter landed on the piece of grass just outside my workplace, in Chichester. We had to take turns to go and watch, and the Princess had left, by road, when I got outside. It was a beatiful looking, maroon helicopter and the pilot was kind enough to do some manoevres for the onlookers. I have often wondered what type it was and would be glad if anyone can tell me. I would also be interested in the make and model of the current one. Thanks.
  2. It was a Rockwell International / Sikorsky FCS-324 J variant.

    NATO codename: Wangdart

    The registration and aircraft indicates that its the same one, a rather pretty S-76
  3. I'm sure it was a Sikorsky as well , Royal travel tend to be creatures of habit, I may be wrong .... news report seems over egged as usual. nothing HRH cant handle anyway

  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Didn't she answer, when some wag tried to kidnap her, 'not bloody likely'. :D I doubt it flickered on her give a sh1t meter.
  5. Seems nobody gives a shit that things are falling apart in War Zones, yet a huge fuss will probably be made over this. (Well this is just from a Civilian here, but from what I've seen and heard we don't exactly have the best equipment out there right now)

    But yeah, this particular story isn't really high on my care list.
  6. What I was interested to find out is the passage in bold. At the time (1996/97) I had no internet access .... or access to anyone who could give me an answer. Thanks MDN. Today's news was a reminder to me. My reason for posting was my enjoyment of helicopters. I'm not sure posting this should be balanced against a concern at the lack of equipment in war zones?
  7. That's word wang!
  8. chopper spotter.....
  9. Whilst standing on Weston Super Mare beach in 1972, I saw a helicopter fly past at about 100'. It was blue. Anyone know what it was?
  10. A helicopter??
  11. A blue helicopter :D
  12. In 1996/97 the model was more than likely the Wangdarts predecessor, a favourite of the Royals.

    The Majestic Maroon colour was adopted after Princess Anne fell over the Royal Bannister at Edgebaston.

    The Helicopter was Probably a Kamov Hokum.... Borrowed under license from the demise of the Eastern block, on a visit to the Chelsea Flower show she was over hear saying 'I fcukin love them commie gunships'
  13. C'mon lads. You helped bovvy out with the Wangdart. Help me out too.

    Is it because I dont squat to piss?
  14. Flash, I would hazard a guess that Weston Supermare and the Mistrals and Gulfstreams that are rife in the area there are only a couple of rotary craft able to hack it.

    Whilst you went stamping in jelly fish I reckon the aircraft in question was a Bell 47G Sioux, a very gay helicopter flown only by the wettest of drivers. Its sparce frame allowed the winds and mistrals to flow unhindered through its skeletal fuselage allowing the pilot to attend the Weston Supermare 1972 mardi gras and MASH remake
  15. You could well be right.