The Princess Royal - 1960s & Unit Inspections..

I remember being regaled with stories in the NAFFI in the 1960s about the Old Princess Royal - Colonel-In-Chief of the Royal Signals... that when she was scheduled to pay units a visit.. even senior officer went pale and RSM's fainted.....

All sorts of stories of soldiers on parade being made to show if they wearing regulation Army skivvies etc.... and if not, stories of blokes being double-marched off to the Guardroom..... not sure if these stories were true or not, or if this was just a 'Wah' to terrify Sprog Soldiers in the Corps?

Do any old R Sigs geezers remember these stories, and if they were true or not.... :p :?
I would say myth, purely on the grounds that it would be such a breach of protocol/ettiquette/manners that I couldn't imagine someone of the old Princess Royal's standing, acting like that.

But I'm sure that there will be plenty of guys that will swear that it happened to their best mate or their father/grandfather and I wouldn't want to argue with them.

Are the same stories passed around about the present Princess Royal?
Do such Col-in-Chief/Cols Comdt in other corps/arms have similar stories told of them?
And then the Princess Royal said to the RSM "not at this end of the stick, RSM!"

The idea of squaddies being ordered to drop their kecks for a Royal just doesn't have a ring of truth about it, to me. Unless we're talking Household Division and relatively attractive wives of Royals

You're obviously from the same era as me, with the wooden spiders from Hildebrand firmly in your subconscious......

Do you remember the Church Army near the redgra hockey pitch??

Anyway, back to topic - many is the time I was regaled be more senior AT's of the Senior Term being asked by Princess Mary (via the RSM) whether they were wearing drawers cellular or not....

However, like Stumpy.......

PS Take no notice of the rest of the sprogs on here, they wouldn't know nowt abaht owt - I think their numbers begin 25****** or some such sh*te :)
I remember (as a pads brat) the railings around the Signals camp in Verden being painted brown when the current Princess royal came to visit then back to green after she left in the 80s (might have been a coincidence). The camp was absolutly spotless in the weeks before here arrival with squaddies cleaning and polishing anything that could be cleaned and polished, don't think their underwear was ever mentioned though.
I was part of that clean up. Can't remember the bit about the railings, but my god, the grass was immaculate! We spent ages sweeping leaves up, loading them into a 4 Tonner & trailer, then off into the woods to dump them! Be the Rennbahnmeister was well chuffed with finding that lot blocking the horse runs.

Happy days though - still remember the RSM telling us to remember to 'show the locals who won the war' prior to parading through the stadt.

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