The Princess Kate Doll


Apparently there's a new toy in town called the Princess Catherine Doll.

I'm not sure who it's meant to be though cos there isn't a Princess Catherine, she's quite a popular toy though:

This might be a slightly different version.

She's pretty fit for a doll, do you think they do life sized models for the discerning gentleman?

There's also a bloke doll toy you can buy too to provide her with some company.

He looks familiar.
It looks like your threesome could be back on DC.

If they do a life sized version of Lady Pippa to go with it then you may be right.

Isn't there some sort of treasonous law against making royal or aristocratic sex dolls? Probably says something in Magna Carta.

Both the Kate & Pippa dolls look like adverts for anorexia.

Fucking dire.

When will girlies realise that if it doesn't have rolls then it ain't fat.

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