The President, Lies and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office- "Fair Share?"

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. More evidence from our own Masters in fact showing the class warfare "fair share" lie that He continues to use in a crass effort to hold on to power.

    CBO | The Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes, 2008 and 2009

    Just one tidbit from the report:

    The top 1 percent pays well over its “fair share”—it pays a much larger share (almost 2:1) of taxes (22.3 percent) than the share of income it earns (13.3 percent)—as does the full top 20 percent. Meanwhile, the bottom income groups pay a much smaller share of taxes than their share of income: The bottom 40 percent earned 14.9 percent of income but paid just 4.1 percent of federal taxes (an over 3:1 net taking ratio).
  2. I dare say the other lot can add thr figures up in a slightly different manner and 'prove' the opposite. Since New Labour, I've ceased to 'believe in' any economic figures of any sort whatsoever; the buggers (in which I include both politicians and economists) can make any data you care to name, say anything they like or nothing at all.
  3. I agree but regardless of how you slice and dice the figures, it cannot be said with a straight face that the evil "rich" (those who provide the jobs as well) are not already (and have been since the onset of the so-called War on Poverty) paying their "fair share" which is itself a wholly meaningless phrase meant to whip up populist (and largely vacuous and emotional) class warfare.
  4. I can't speak about your plutocrats, but ours have ever-more inventive ways of trimming their obligations; the govt. trumpet about the 'loopholes' that permit this, but other than picking on the occasional comedian, do nothing to close them.
  5. The fact still remains, Pigshyt_Freeman, that people like Jimmy Carr even when using every (legal) loophole going will still pay more tax in a year or so than I will in a lifetime.

    As someone on PAYE I have no loopholes (although as a contractor I can offset some costs against tax, but that's about £80-150 a week I don't need to pay it on). However if I did I would use every single one I could as I feel I spend my money far more effectively than the Government ever could.
  6. The guy you're probably going to vote for in November(albeit while holding your nose) last year- by his own admission- paid an effective tax rate of 14% on $42,500,000 of income. (And that's not including the stuff that he squirrelled away in places he fervently hopes nobody ever finds out about.)

    Tell me more about him paying more than his fair share...
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