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The power of the Euro

There was a report on the BBC about people living in France and shopping in the UK but I cannot find it at present so you will just have to make do with the Gruarddian's report

[/quote]If carrying coals to Newcastle is judged a pointless exercise, then importing croissants, baguettes and bottles of claret into France might seem even more absurd. But, due to the strength of the euro against the pound, hundreds of Britons living in France are now using the internet to order their food, including many French specialities, from British supermarkets.
Last week I noted that the Pound had gained on the Euro, at my bank I was getting € 1.17 instead of the previous € 1.10. Apart from which I strongly suspect that the strength of the Euro, real or imagined has little to do with the matter, it's more a case of lazyness or lack of knowledge of French. I bought my croissants in Leclerc in a bulk pack for around € 0.30 each. Can't beat that anywhere.

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