The Power of the Arrse

I went to a party over the weekend at the invite of an ex girlfriend. She introduced me to her new chap, who was ex army, disappeared at weekends (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and has a sideboard of bling.

I have never served, never claimed to have served, but spend my time saving British Military Heritage. I post here to check facts and keep you lot up to speed on our project. I read posts here when I want a new keyboard, as I nomally spit a drink over it laughing out loud.

After hearing his bollocks during a "man to man" chat, I asked more details, then said "have you heard of ARRSE?"

Funnily, he started to play down his Action Man antics, "hadn't been involved for years", "couldn't talk about it too secret", etc.

Rang her today to thank her and found out they had split up, according to him it was something I had said. LOL

I relayed our conversation and she thought he could have been spinning her a line as he had severed in the Falklands, Kuwait and just back from Afghan job, not bad for a 36 year old!

Lucky escape I think - Well Done ARRSE.

BombG T-Shirts

I have just the T-shirt for people like him......

To be fair I have a T-shirt for just about any situation.
Do not underestimate the power of ARRSE, that is why I advertise / sponsor this forum.
Keep up the good work

See you later
Was he a little fella? Dark skin, funny name? Been having a rough time at work lately, but smiles a lot anyway?
The tosser tried to make friends on line recently, funnily I wasn't that polite back. I was told by a charming General that if every person who claimed to have stormed the Iranian embassy turned up on the day, they would have had to queue down to Harrods in Knightsbridge! LOL

I love when these tossers get the ARRSE :)
I've heard that about the teeming legions of Rhodesian Light Infantry walts; if they'd all actually been on the nominal roll, they could have won the Bush War through sheer weight of numbers! Waaankers!
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