The Power Of Television Compels You - good idea or bad?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ExplodingTrousers, Nov 29, 2007.

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    So - have we missed a trick here, or has someone not thought this through? What would a British ad look like, I wonder? :twisted:
  2. would have been cheaper to stick up some posters saying

    "Switzerland - No beaches? No Point."
  3. It would be no good as the immigrants that beg over here are not arrested. They are just given a few copies of the big issue and sorted out.....Go on tell me, you have NEVER seen any foriegn big issue seller?
  4. Im particularly partial to the parisian beggers who hand out little flyers on the metro saying things like "SVP, I am 189 years old, I have no home, no money, my children are all dead and my dog was raped by a gang of hell's angels. I need 300 euro to buy food for the day."
  5. Me personally? To be honest, I seem to miss them altogether these days, but the last foreign one I knew of was Irish. Then again, perhaps it's because I live by a smallish town, which I usually avoid during the day..

    Just out of interest, do you think there's no point to prevention anymore?
  6. My views on this have been put on arrse more than a few times so will not help this thread to goto the hole.