The Power of Fill Your Boots; Real or imagined?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spaz, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. As the thread title. Is this an effective way to dare I say it embarrass the Army into looking after troops' welfare?



    Flash to bang time <24hrs. Pretty impressive if this is actually down to FYB.
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  2. I think (for better or worse) that page has done a hell of a lot for the "common man". It especially helped out with some of the scoff issues that were happening.

    And to be fair, the honey trap was feckin hilarious! Higher uppers kicked off about that, but ffs, if you're going to try to fire one up another blokes bird (especially if you're already married you utter muppet!) then you deserve everything that comes your way.

    All Toms whinge, it's part and parcel of the Forces, but when criminals live in better conditions than the lads doing service for their country, then I'm all for naming and shaming.

    Even though Alfie is a hairy twat that lives in his dressing gown and sells Avon, he should keep it up.
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  3. The power of social media....
  4. Looking at the threats made on orders and at briefs made to units they really do not like the embarassment that is caused. Now an argument could be made that if they stopped treating people like shit and actually listened to people rather than fobbing them off and making threats against them then FYB would have a lot less posts.
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  5. I imagine the anecdote about the Bde Cmdr, whether correct or not, probably embarrassed the hell out of him.
  6. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I think, like you said in the other thread Spaz (Army Numbers Fall Again), that it's no longer just the one barrack room lawyer the guys are listening to - it's everyone else's too; instantly available on social media.

    And while it does have massive potential for dits to get - shall we say - over-embellished, it also serves another purpose - if these problems weren't there in the first place, the guys wouldn't have reason to whinge (they still would though - but about bone stuff like pay freezes and doing more duties).

    Having seen examples of diabolical food being served, the state of guys blocks and pictures of squaddies picking up grass cuttings (ffs) - in a post-Afghanistan era where purpose, importance, morale, concept etc are more paramount than ever before to retain the numbers we need - it's simply not good enough.

    Back in the late 80s we could get away with painting the grass green, picking up leaves and painting kerbstones because we had close on 160,000 cold war warriors who were treading water to become alcoholic badge-collecting, veteran's-breakfast-attending nobodies with nothing but semi-amusing SLR dits to swap in some run down pub (well, outside some run down pub since the smoking ban kicked in 10 years ago - I digress...)

    They can't get away with it now - nor should they be allowed to.

    I've said it before... if they invested half as much time and money into stuff like this as they did in diversity and LGBT issues, they'd not have half the problems. And since 99% of the blokes and women I worked with in the past never seemed to have an issue with women, gay people, lesbian people, disabled people, transgender people, black people, yellow people, brown people, dysley...dislex... people who can't spell - then there's no real reason they should place it as such a high priority. Sadly they do though - one can only assume our commanders and leaders are more concerned with their image than "doing the right thing" on this basis.

    It's only fair therefore, that their precious "image" is targeted on FYB - as it's what seems to motivate them.
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  7. The power of social media / the time it takes to argue over and move around some money.
    Combined with telling a senior and also going public

    So who said Juniors aren't entitled to hot water at £30 a month for rent?
    There are set rates for SLA rent for grade 1 to 4, can be abated for loss of facilities, and when uninhabitable should be shut down
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  8. If it gets results then its doing its job. Unfortunately some other people should have been/should be doing theirs properly so that this sort of thing isn't needed.
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  9. it´s making somebody a fortune on reclaiming tax money and selling coffee too.

    The 4 med hot water problem has been responded to by the MOD now it seems, they are having a review to look at the situation...a review!
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Just out of interest, anyone reclaimed the tax?
  11. Hard to believe that shit like this is still going on. And they wonder why blokes sign off.
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  12. What a surprise, that a commanding officer of 4 medical regiment would have an issue with their troops. After all, historically, they have been paragons of moral probity, with a great deal invested in their junior soldiers, and junior officers.
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  13. Yep, you'd think "lessons would have been learned " by now..
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  14. Is the term 'Review' the same as what used to be termed "issueing a bollocking"?
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  15. A brief selection of the nonsense that still goes on.

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